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A new way to promote Mobile Apps on Twitter

twitter-mobile-appOne of Facebook‘s most important revenue streams is the advertising of mobile apps, helping developers convince users to download their new apps.

Recently Twitter began offering a similar service, allowing app developers access to Twitter’s 250 million users across the world.

This new offer from Twitter was intended to give publishers a more direct way to advertiser their mobile applications to Twitter users. By appearing directly in the Twitter timeline, the ads receive great exposure, especially in mobile twitter feeds.

In fact, the new advertising offer can place ads both on and off Twitter. Utilizing the MoPub Marketplace (which Twitter purchased recently), a publisher potentially has access to over one billion mobile devices.

For publishers, this new feature is accessed through, and as with most modern ad networks, includes a full suite of targeting and measurement tools.

This advertising option was in a private beta for some months, and now has been slowly opening up to a wider set of publishers. Feedback from early advertisers was reportedly very good. For example GetTaxi, a leading consumer taxi app, had this to share on the Twitter website:

twitter-ad-quote“Twitter has jumped to be our number one acquisition channel, we couldn’t be happier with the results of the Beta,” said Rich Pleeth, VP Global Marketing. “The engagement rates are remarkable, not only have we seen stellar results, but we’ve learned some great insights.”

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