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Epom (Kiev, Ukraine)

Epom enables publishers, advertisers and ad networks to reach the most ambitious goals, regarding ad revenue.

Epom Market is an ad network which provides both publishers and advertisers with a platform that can boast stability, high CPMs, and a great fill rate. Epom Market supports banner ads, rich-media ads, video ads, non-standard placements, a multitude of targeting features (geotargeting, gender targeting, age targeting, retargeting, etc.).

The networks extensive mobile advertising solution makes it rise a head above its immediate competition, with in-app advertising, non-standard mobile placements, and rich media ads available for mobile websites.

Epom Ad Server (launched in 2010) serves more than 100 billion impressions daily and can boast a broad set of features and settings. A 30-day trial for up to 1 billion impressions is available to new users.

Epom provides 24/7 support for both publishers and advertisers, offering guidance from the moment of registration. Clients can also benefit from white labeling options and Real-time Bidding.


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