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Harris Interactive: Teens Talk About Advertising

teenagers.gifThe world of media and advertising has changed a lot in the past 20 years, and nowhere has the change been bigger than in the media habits of teenagers. To understand this better, Harris Interactive conducted several online focus groups with US teenagers. They talked about their views of advertising, what they like, what works, what they don’t like.

Since this group is often a key target for mobile advertising, the study is very relevant. A couple of interesting findings:

  • many teens claim they are immune to commercials, and yet they have clearly defined likes and dislikes, and remember many advertisements.
  • teens talk about ads a lot with their friends, its a big source of conversation.
  • the most important features that make a great commercial are humor and creativity.

You can download the entire report on the Harris Interactive site. Registration is required, but it is free of charge and takes less than a minute. You just click on the “Download Access Form”, enter your name and email, and then you can directly download the report.

The page is HERE.


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