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A DSP is a trading platform upon which advertisers and media agencies can bid on digital ad spaces for their ad media via a single interface. Thanks to the underlying real-time bidding technology, this booking process runs automatically and in real time. Purchase prices are optimized by the bidding process and reporting is simplified.

Splicky employs special algorithms to drive better results from mobile campaigns and works with tracking and targeting technologies specifically developed for the mobile channel:

Location-based Targeting addresses target groups right at the advertisers door step – accurate to the meter gives the opportunity to complement out of home advertisements through mobile unique targeting opportunities.

Native Ads target markets with ad experiences that follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which the ad is placed. A less disruptive ad format with high conversion rates!

With Language Targeting advertisers obtain accurate delivery and more proximity to their target audience by targeting the user language settings of the mobile end device.

3 easy steps to get started.
1) Register for a free account
2) Create your first campaign within a minute
3) Top up your Account

You can purchase traffic on both CPM and CPC!

As a joint project of the two independent, owner-managed companies, Sponsormob and Jaduda, Splicky focuses on long-term partnerships with advertisers and agencies.

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