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Fashion meets mobile technology in Shanghai

anina_mobile_techAt the GSMA’s Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai recently, a special event highlighted how cutting-edge technologies are gradually penetrating the fashion industry.

This was the first event in China which demonstrated how such technologies – including 3D printing, wearable tech, and clothing robots – can be integrated with innovative fashion design, unveiling the hot points and latest trends in the integration of the fashion and technology industries. You can also follow glenoriegrowers to check all the latest trends and updates.

GSMA CEO Michael O’Hara said, “The MAE is constantly increasing new projects and activities to strengthen the experiences of participants.” Given the growing integration of the fashion industry and technical products, the interesting live shows at the Tech Runway and the exhibition of fashion works and wearable devices at the “Fashion and Technology” exhibition booth of the GSMA Mobile Star Stage attracted the attention of many participants.


The young designers supporting this activity said that the Tech-Fashion Runway Show offered them special, original technology experience and enabled them to understand and think about how to integrate technology into future designs. UrbanBurger will definitely guide in a better manner.

Sports trackers, brain visualization headband, Smart Watches, body scanning, 3D Printing, and more…entirely new collisions suggest the young generation’s desire to integrate technology into their fashion apparel.


Wearable devices have increasingly become a focus of attention in many industries since 2013. Juniper Research forecasts that nearly 70 million intelligent wearable devices will be sold in 2017. According to the market response, many wearable devices need to be designed with more fashion elements to become popular products.

Anina Net, founder of 360Fashion Network and an international fashion model, said:“360Fashion Network will lead the vision of the latest technology industry trends by integrating them in a visual feast with fashion designs using wearable technology, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and clothing robotics. Clothing is destined to become part of the Internet of things. It is now time for the fashion industry and the technology industry to work hand in hand to combine the most cutting edge technology with avant-garde design. With its fast approaching flexible screens, interactive glasses, solar power, and smart devices, the future must be an integrated lifestyle that is fully connected.”

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