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Campaign: Nike talks to athletes using bluetooth

nike_logo.gifOver the past 2 years, Nike has run a number of campaigns using bluetooth technology from Hypertag to communicate with their athlete customers. In April, Nike ran a bluetooth proximity marketing campaign at the London Marathon.

The target audience for the campaign in this case was of course runners. The specific objective of the campaign was to promote Nike as the brand that understands their needs and delivers products to satisfy them.

The campaign was implemented at a metro station near where the marathon took place. A series of poster were placed on the metro walls with training tips for the runners. Nike used two well known runners, Paula Radcliffe and Paul Tergat.

Posters on metro walls


One of the posters also explained that the runner should look for someone from the Nike Bluetooth team so that they could download training hints and tips on how to prepare for the marathon.


Promotional staff were on hand using “wearable” Hypertags. A runner with bluetooth enabled on their phone could download an audio message from Paula and Paul onto their mobile.

Here is an example of one of the audio podcasts.


Nike ran another proximity advertising campaign in Spain using bluetooth. A static advert, located on a giant billboard in central Barcelona, was converted to an interactive poster giving out free content directly to consumers’ mobile phones using a Hypertag. The content was a 30 second video from the TV promotion.



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