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Shazam gears up to monetize mobile “second screen” viewing

shazam_logoShazam – the song recognition app that is used by 100 million people per month – is making an even stronger push to link TV and Mobile viewing.

The company has recently launching a new advertising platform, Resonate, as well as signing partnerships with some key US TV networks including A+E, AMC, Dick Clark, and others.

Shazam has launched a new advertising platform, Resonate, which it claims will help networks better monetize viewers that are using their mobile devices while they are watching TV.

The Resonate sales platform enables several key features for networks and advertisers:

  • networks can offer advertisers the ability to include enhanced content specificially related to a show
  • the app can be used to drive tune-in to the networks
  • Shazam can use the information about which shows a consumer “shazamed” for retargeting purposes

Shazam has also signed partnership agreements with a number of TV networks recently. These deals will let the networks sell Shazam second screen advertising offers directly to brands.

second_screen_viewingPreviously Shazam has worked with agencies and and brands to incorporate Shazam in TV advertising. To date they have been in some 450 ad campaigns. Shazam can still sell second-screen ads directly to advertisers, but “we definitely don’t want to be in a situation where we’re stepping on the networks,” said chief revenue officer Kevin McGurn.

“The analytics of the mobile phone affords us are very deep and interesting insights that we can pass through to networks who can pass through to advertisers,” McGurn added.

Greg Economou, EVP and chief revenue officer of Dick Clark Productions commented, “We are always looking for innovative platforms to expand our reach of our global television events and engage viewers with top brand partners.”

second_screen_quote1Overall, connecting consumers on mobile devices is likely to be very attractive for brands that are trying to improve the effectiveness of the TV advertising. According to a February report from Nielsen, 84% of smartphone and tablet owners said they use those devices while watching TV.

Also, Nielsen and Shazam recently announced the results of a study they undertook to look at the effectiveness of Shazam-type ads. The study looked at ads from major brands such as Absolut, Gillette, and Jaguar, and found that compared with conventional ads, Shazam-enabled ad have a 10% higher ad and brand recall.

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