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The Keys to QR Code Marketing

qr_code_logoQR Codes have been a piece of the mobile marketing world for quite awhile, and we have reported on them extensively over the years.

Now that smartphones have become the most popular device in many countries, QR codes are even more attractive to marketers.

Here is an infographic from Unitag which shows the benefits of using QR codes, what customers expect from, and more.

qr_code_T_shirtQR code usage, while perhaps not top of the news these days, is still growing. The popularity varies by region, from Europe where some 14% use QR codes up to Japan, where the figure is over 60%!

Over the past years we have run several articles featuring QR codes, including:

A Mobile QR Campaign That Makes People Undress In Public
Customizing a bottle of Scotch: A Father’s Day message from Diageo
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Google Puts QR Codes On 100,000 Stores
Walmart And P&G Team Up For Mobile Shopping Campaign

Here is the infographic from Unitag that gives a nice update on QR code usage and benefits.


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