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Opinion: Location Based Marketing
Theory & Practice

russellcompass2.gifRussell Buckley ran more than 1,500 Location-Based campaigns for 150 different clients when he was working at ZagMe. Currently the European MD of AdMob, Russell has written a 75 page report sharing the lessons he learned and examining the potential for this type of advertising.

Russell provides several detailed case studies, and compiles a list of 12 “Key Learnings”, each of which he explains and examines in detail.

As location-based marketing and advertising are rapidly becoming a reality, it is worthwhile to take a few minutes to learn from the conclusions of someone who has experience in the area.

To download Russell’s full report, click on the Download button below (460KB).

Note: if you don’t see a Download button, then copy the following URL into your browser and the file will be downloaded:

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