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Borders sees big sales from mobile coupons

borders.gifBorders the bookseller has released some very positive results about their first mobile marketing coupon campaign.

Borders sends a monthly newsletter with exclusive offers to its database of 480,000 customers across the UK. In the past, consumers had to print these offers and then take them to the store.

Last month, for the first time, it offered consumers the opportunity to have the vouchers sent direct to their mobile phone. The results were excellent:

  • almost seven in ten (69%) customers agreed to the scheme
  • 50% of these customers also opted in to receive future offers from Borders Mobile
  • redemption rates were up to 19%
  • redemption rates were up to twice that of the printed coupon
  • 15% of net sales from email marketing was achieved through mobile on the first attempt

The campaign was devised and delivered by specialist agency Magnet Harlequin.

Laura Stafford, CRM and Online Manager at Borders, said: “We are delighted with the redemption figures and they have far exceeded our expectations. One offer in particular achieved a 19% redemption, double that of the printed voucher alternative. To achieve 15% of net sales through Borders Mobile in just one campaign means that we are really connecting with our consumers.”

Clearly mobile coupons have a high potential to drive sales. Read the interview with BJ Yang of Aircross Mobile in Korea.

Read the Magnetic Harleaquin release HERE.

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