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Mobile Apps Yield Twice the CTR Of Mobile Web

please-click-me-200x305Mobile apps versus mobile web: which has better engagement, which do customers prefer, which is better for advertising – the debate seems to go on forever.

A recent study from Medialets tries to answer at least the advertising part of this question.

Based on over 300 billion ad data points from the first 6 months of 2014, this report shows that mobile apps yield a much higher CTR than web!

This is really a very interesting piece of research, as it lays out in very plan terms not only the differences seen between mobile apps and mobile web, but also between smartphones and tablets, and between static ads and rich media ads.

For anyone who runs a lot of ads over mobile and tablet, it might make you re-think some of your strategies.

Here are a few key highlights from the study, a download link for the full presentation is below.

Mobile App vs. Web usage

According to Medialets data, there is a clear difference in the number of impressions on mobile web vs. in-apps, indicating that users are spending more time in the apps.



What is more interesting are the large differences in the CTR’s observed.

  • Tablets outperformed smartphones by 44%. This is perhaps explainable as the screen size is much bigger, and also the viewing situation may be more relaxed and amenable to responding to ads.
  • Even more dramatic, mobile apps delivered more than twice the CTR of mobile the mobile web.


Ad Placements

Another topic that really was interesting is the top performing ad placements on both smartphones and tablets.

Medialets rated 3 very popular ad units, based on CTR. Interestingly, the same ad unit was tops on both smartphones and tablets.


Video Completion Rates

There are also some interesting statistics for advertisers using video ads. As shown in the chart, over 90% of viewers saw the first quarter of the videos, but less than 40% watched until the end. The message to advertisers is clear – get your message across early.


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