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Top Mobile Trends For 2015

crystal_ball-2015Every year at this time, we see many lists predicting the hot trends for the coming 12 months.

This year one of the best and most thoughtful lists we’ve seen comes from Golden Gekko, a leading mobile solutions provider in North America and Europe.

Their forecast identifies 10 key trends that will influence and shape the mobile industry in 2015. Our industry continues to evolve at rapid pace, and this list provides a lot of good “food for thought”.

Here are the top 10 predictions from Golden Gekko:
[note: these headlines are taken from the Golden Gekko 2015 Trends slideshare presentation. Follow the link at the bottom of this article to see the full presentation which gives fuller explanations, examples, and discusses the implications for each of these trends]

1. Get ready for Mobile Apps 3.0
The next version of mobile services will go beyond simply mobilizing existing online services. Instead, they will take a unique ‘mobile approach’ that will do more to leverage location, context, and usage behavior.

2. Smartphone as the control hub for the Internet of Things
This trend is well underway, with smartwatches, sensors, home appliances, security, smart vehicles, and more already being connected to, and controlled by, the smartphone.

3. Mobile devices will generate the majority of all web browsing and media consumption
This has been growing steadily, and in certain sectors mobile has already passed the 50% threshold (see Mobile Shopping Reaches “Tipping Point”). This will continue to increase due to new devices as well as more mobile centric sites.

4. Phablets – between smartphones and tablets
Global sales of “phablets” (devices mid-way in size between smartphones and tablets) are projected to outsell portable PC’s in 2014. People are still learning what type of devices and screen sizes they prefer, and manufacturers are working to give them every option.

5. Big data becomes integral to all mobile services
In 2015, “big data” will stop being a separate activity for companies, but will become a built-in, necessary part of all mobile services, and will be used to power the delivery of more personalized services.

6. Wearable and sensor breakthrough
2014 was predicted to be the “year of the wearable”, but actual numbers don’t support this. However, with the Apple Watch shipping in Q1 2015 and a host of other products now on the market, 2015 should be the breakthrough year for wearables.

7. Healthcare takes a big mobile leap forward, followed by even bigger privacy concerns
The potential for large revenue as well as revolutionary improvements in productivity and health care delivery will continue to drive rapid innnovation in this space. But the collection of private health data will cause major concerns for privacy and security advocates.

8. A new approach to Omni-Channel
Brands will need to rethink their approach to omni-channel, and will drive to deliver services based more on location and context, rather than by the type of device the consumer is using.

9. Mobile loyalty and payments go hand-in-hand
The most successful mobile payment applications in this past year – such as Starbucks and Uber – were not based on new technology such as NFC or Bluetooth, but they did manage to combine payments and loyalty in a way that fit well with our lives. Look for more of this in 2015, as customers demonstrate they are willing to give credit card and personal information in return for convenience and loyalty benefits.

10. App development becomes easier, and a lot more complex
Although new mobile development tools and development environments are coming on the market with the aim of making mobile development easier, the increasing breadth and intricacy of the overall mobile ecosystem means that the task of building a mobile solution continues to get more complex.

For a more detailed look at these top trends, check out the Golden Gekko slideshare presentation.

Golden Gekko has clients around the world and across a wide variety of sectors, giving them a wide base of experience on which to base their predictions. For more about Golden Gekko, visit their website.
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