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How the World’s Best Brands use
Twitter for Marketing

top-brands-on-twitterSocial media marketing has been around for quite some time, and most companies have some appreciation of the benefits of connecting to customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Major brands often put significant resources into developing and fine tuning their social network marketing.

This post looks specifically at how the world’s Top 100 Brands use Twitter for marketing – something that many other companies may want to learn from.

Each year Interbrand identifies the top 100 global brands. According to Interbrand, this ranking is based on three key components: “an analysis of the financial performance of the branded products or services, of the role the brand plays in purchase decisions, and of the brand’s competitive strength.” In 2014 the top 5 brands were Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft. (see full list here).

Simply Measured is a social analytics company that likes to measure everything about social networking and marketing. This year, they released a study recently which looks at how the world’s top brands use Twitter.

A link to the full study is given below, but here are some of the basics.

Twitter: over 280 million users globally

Tweets: over 500 million per day

Mobile: over 80% of twitter users acces via mobile

Global: 77% of accounts are outside the US

Brand usage: 98% of top 100 brands have a Twitter account

Followers: 70% of brands have over 100,000 followers, up from 58% in Q4 2013

Frequency: 94% of brands Tweet at least once a day, 75% sent at least three Tweets per day

Interaction: Brands are working harder to interact with their customers, fully 70% of all tweets are @Replies, up from 61% last year

Visual content: Visual content is a good way to occupy more real estate on a Twitter feed without increasing the number of posts. It represents about half of all Tweets, and a generates a larger share of engagement.


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