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IoT was Hot at Mobile World Congress

iot-mwcA key theme at this years’ Mobile World Congress was the rapid emergence of the Internet of Things as key future growth area for product, solution providers and telco operators.

IoT is taking off, and in a big way, evidenced by the massive amount of IoT solutions and applications shown at MWC.

Article contributed by Peter Orre, Founder of LaunchPad Service

The rapidly falling costs of key IoT building block sensor technologies combined with creative mobile software development is enabling new innovative IoT solutions in literally all use cases, from personal to business and across fixed and mobile networks and devices.

At the same time, the expected phenomenal growth in devices connected to the internet through either direct or mobile connections will drive up the level of “background noise” on the internet. IoT solution providers and Operators need to plan for managing the increases in network loads to ensure capacity requirements are met while providing an optimal user experience to customers and subscribers.

Opportunities will be plentiful for solution providers and Operators to target certain application areas, and to find ways to create smooth user experiences and minimize network traffic load.

Some of the most interesting that we saw this year at MWC included:

  • the joint IoT accelerator initiative ‘Challenge Up!’ launched @ MWC by Cisco, Deutsche Telekom and Intel to bring together new technologies and established players. The program features a set of events during June 2015 and a four-month incubation program from July to October in Berlin, Krakow and Vienna.
  • Teraki GmbH, a Berlin start-up offering a highly innovative compression technology for IoT optimised data transfer. Teraki decreases bandwidth requirements, transmission costs and battery energy consumption for sensor devices using GSM/Satellite connectivity.
  • Jasper, Inc’s award-winning cloud-based SaaS IoT services platform, demonstrating solutions in agriculture, construction, automated vending machines, home automation and more. Jasper’s platform enables effective deployment and scaling of IoT services, enabling service providers and network operators to provide seamless device connectivity and control as well as new revenue opportunities.
  • Ericsson Connected Cloud – Ericsson’s award-winning and already deployed cloud infrastructure enables players in the automotive ecosystem to connect vehicles and drivers with manufacturers, authorities, media and content providers to improve driving safety and deliver a better, safer driver experience.
  • ProGlove – a sensor-equipped connected glove for use in manufacturing processes. Various sensor capabilities enables the scanning, registering, monitoring of information during the manufacturing process. This is used to facilitate and improve manual work flows, avoid errors, and improve work step learning processes.
  • EMnify IoT Cloud Platform – EMnify delivers cloud services that enable, streamline and simplify IoT connectivity for operators, enterprises, system integrators and resellers.

The area of IoT will certainly continue to be a hot topic for the mobile industry, and we expect to see even more focus next year at Mobile World Congress 2016.

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