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Android Mobile Advertising Passes iOS
For First Time

android_eats_appleA recent report from Opera Mediaworks indicates that – for the first time – mobile advertising on Android based devices has passed iOS based advertising on two key indicators.

Already the clear leader in impressions for the past year, in Q1 2015 Android also became the leader in total revenue generated.

See the complete statistics here.

Opera’s report is based on the mobile ad traffic they see across their network. And as the network is includes over 18,000 apps and sites, and connects with over 850 million unique users each month, it can give a good snapshot of overall traffic.

Android traffic now is about 65% of all impressions served, with iOS at about 22%. However, the share of revenue is much closer, with Android at 45.8% and iOS at 45.4%.

What is clear is that iOS still has a large lead in terms of “monetization” (the ration of revenue to impressions). iPad is far and away the leader in this area, with a monetization rate more than 6x that of Android phones.


A link for the full report is given below, but some of the interesting highlights for this quarter include:

  • Social networking apps are now #1 for traffic and revenue generation
  • Mobile video advertising is booming, and accounts for more than one half of all global ad revenue.
  • The use of custom audience creation is gaining momentum, with big data analysis becoming a standard tool for many advertisers.

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