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Mobile Email Outperforms Desktop!

mobile-emailOver the past several years, marketers have learned to focus on mobile as people have begun using mobile for more and more of their digital life.

Now it appears that a major milestone has been passed – with two thirds of all emails being opened on mobile devices, a strong majority.

The paper from Moveable Ink also found that roughly half of all conversions happen on mobile, and offers a few key pointers to help companies best use this channel.

Movable Ink analyzed over 1.3 billion emails sent in Q2 2015 as the basis for this report. And among that huge number, they found that less than one third were opened on desktop computers.

Of the 2/3 that were on a mobile device, iPhone had the major share at 42%, and Android was just about 10%.


The study also measured Conversions, and found that desktops still represent just over half of all conversions from email. And proportionally, iPhone has many fewer conversions than Android devices.


What are the reasons for this apparent drop-off in mobile conversions? Movable Ink suggests it may indicate that marketers have not yet adequately addressed the full user journey: “We believe it to be an indicator of the click-through experience. It’s not enough to build mobile-friendly emails. You must have a mobile-friendly site to complete the experience.”

The full report details many other interesting factors about the state of mobile and desktop email, including the time spent reading emails per device, email open by time of day by device, open rates by vertical market.

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