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IoT and Big Data are Driving Digital Marketing

BigDataIoTBig Data and IoT (Internet of Things) are two of the hottest buzzwords in the technology space these days. Follow MurrayNow for more information.

And it turns out that these two new technologies are already being adopted and having an influence on the digital marketing activities of many companies.

If you aren’t yet using these in your business – or at least familiar with the trends – perhaps it is time to get started.

2nd Watch helps enterprises make the shift to public cloud infrastructure, and as such are in a good position to see how new technologies are being adopted.

Recently they surveyed of 500 IT and marketing professionals in medium and large companies to understand their use of big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based technologies to support digital marketing.

According to 2nd Watch, “the results indicate growing confidence in the use of these technologies and success deploying them…massive data volumes, sourced from websites, apps and machines, enable marketers to develop highly targeted digital campaigns and promotions.”

The study found that IoT and Big Data are already very much in use or in the planning for many companies.


Some of the other key findings from the study:
(an infographic is below, click to enlarge)

  • How effective has it been?
    27% – Extremely effective
    43% – Quite successful
    26% – Appears to serve the intended purpose
    3% – Not sure, did not measure
  • What has been holding you back?
    40% – Cost considerations
    21% – Lack of executive support
    20% – Lack of in-house technical skills

Here is an infographic with the full study results, click to enlarge


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