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Vogue UK: Readers feel ads are
“as important as the content”

Amid all the recent discussion about ad-blocking and worries that advertising based business models may fail, one bit of good news shines through.

According to Vogue UK, a new survey shows that over 82% of their readers actively pay attention to ads on their sites, and many value ads as much as the content!

The 2015 British Vogue Business Report is based on a YouGov study that polled readers of Condé Nast’s titles. It examined the evolving relationship readers have with magazines – both online and in print. The survey was based on polling over 2,500 upper-middle class women aged 25 to 54.

As reported in Digiday, here are some of the key findings in the report:

  • Overall engagement with magazines has gone up over the years, perhaps linked to the rise of social media. Interestingly, they also state that “attention to advertising across all platforms has never been higher, with significant increases for websites and digital editions.”
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  • Trust in advertising is still strong and growing. Three-quarters of under-35s polled said they trust advertising, a figure which has risen 6 percent since 2013.
  • A full 82 percent of women polled pay attention to advertising on websites, this is up sharply from 67% just 2 years ago. And many are not only interested in the ads, in fact they value them as much as they do the editorial content.
  • For Vogue’s target reader, YouTube has overtaken FaceBook as the favorite site to consume content. 88% going to YouTube for content and branded content.
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  • Millennials want more: 50% of millennials in the survey say they would like to see more video content from high-end brands. And fully two thirds say they are interested in seeing more exclusives.

So perhaps the panic about ad-blocking is overblown, especially for premium ads, and especially for mobile. A recent JP Morgan study reported that ad blocking was only half as prevalent on mobile as on desktop. And they concluded, “Blockers remove low-quality ad clutter.”

Katie MacLennan, Digital Business Director at Manning Gottlieb OMD was quoted in Digiday saying that “with the continued emergence of greater user choice, personalization and dynamic ads, advertisers should present a compelling story which invites users to engage, rather than imposing content upon them.”

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