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Hyundai Uses Mobile Channel to Attract 18 to 24 Target Group

hyundai.gifHyundai has launched a multi-faceted mobile campaign that targets 18 to 24 year olds ands promote the Elantra brand sedan.

Research showed that a large portion of the population were unaware of the Hyundai brand, and those that were aware tended to be older and associate the brand primarily with the models from the early 90’s.

So Hyundai decided to target a very different segment, new drivers in the 18 to 24 demographic. Mobile was a natural fit with this group. They worked with agency Goodby, Silverstein and Partners and mobile agency Enpocket to develop a campaign that includes a number of integrated elements:

  • Banner ads on Sprint Mobile Media Network.
    The Elantra program has received a 9 percent click through rate on mobile media across a variety of top media properties since launching in March, and Hyundai plans to include more models in its mobile marketing program later in 2007.
  • spacerhyundai1.gif

  • A music download site.
    The site featured music from emerging artists like the Ataris and Secondhand Serenade, and includes the option to send ringtones to your phone.
  • spacerhyundai2.gif

  • A mobile site with product information.

  • spacerhyundai3.gif

  • Wallpaper downloads, of course.

  • spacerhyundai3.gif

  • And finally, a mySpace page dedicated to all things Elantra and their customers.

  • spacerhyundai2.gif

Eric D’Ablaing, Hyundai interactive marketing administrator, said that “Enpocket was able to quickly deliver a complete mobile program for Hyundai that included cutting-edge ad mechanics and complete campaign reporting.”

Mike Baker, CEO of Boston-based Enpocket, said “If you want to do it right you have to incorporate sponsored downloads, applications, texting, mobile banner ads, mobile Web sites … the answer for a compelling (mobile) ad experience is appropriately mixing these things.”

Baker added that Hyundai is one of several automakers using Enpocket to develop integrated mobile advertising programs. “There has been a wave of advertisers moving through test phase into some steady-state budgeting for mobile.”

He concluded saying that the Hyundai campaign was less focused on the actual sales activity, but rather “it’s mid-funnel. It’s about getting people engaged with the brand.”

Read a press release from Enpocket.

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