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Microsoft to Put Ads on Muni-Wifi

Providing free wifi access all across a city has often seemed like an attractive idea, and a number of cities have projects in that area. But the question always arises as to what is the business model, and who eventually needs to pay for the infrastructure and operations. Ad-funding has been the approach of many, but it has been difficult for local providers to generate enough revenue. This may all be changed by a new partnership that brings a nationwide ad network and ad serving capability to municipal wifi.

JiWire and Microsoft have announced a partnership which will put Ultramercial® ad units onto wifi networks in Portland Oregon and Oakland County Missouri. Ultramercials are patented interactive advertisements that Wi-Fi network users opt-in to view in exchange for free network access; advertisements on screens displayed before and after a user logs into the Wi-Fi network; and advertising that appears while a Wi-Fi network user is browsing the Internet.

Stefan Weitz, director of Planning for MSN at Microsoft said: “together we will optimize the municipal Wi-Fi user experience to enable the delivery of free or low-cost Wi-Fi access, and provide a high-value delivery vehicle for marketers seeking to reach this audience.”

See more on this from C/Net here and from MuniWireless here.

And take a look at the press release from JiWire here.

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