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Landor’s Adamson Discusses
“Brand Portability”

allen_adamson.gifAllen Adamson is managing director of the New York office of branding consultancy Landor Associates. He has written an thoughtful piece in Advertising Age on how to insure that your brand works well in this new era of mobile advertising.

Adamson believes that the new focus on mobility should not be viewed simply an alternate channel for marketing communications, rather it signals “a major cultural shift in consumer behavior and consumer empowerment.”

This new age – which includes consumer control, continuous communications, UGC, etc – is a permanent shift, and so smart marketers are already actively working to see how their brands will port to this new environment. Adamson offers 4 things to keep in mind as companies go through this exercise. We recommend you read the entire article, but here are a few excerpts:

1. It’s simpler if your brand is rooted in a simple idea.
“if you think it’s hard to get your brand promise across in 60 seconds, think about what two seconds means — on a small screen, no less.”

2. Text rules.
“These younger consumers are likely to text, e-mail and instant message more than they talk on the phone”

3. Interactivity is key.
“consumer demand for self-expression and involvement has never been greater, and it’s only increasing. People have shown they like to be part of the experience — not apart from it”

4. It’s (very) personal.
“tolerance of unwanted content is nil… Brands that are invited in will provide consumers with what they want, not interrupt them with content they don’t want.”

Adamson’s conclusion is that companies need to start experimenting now with how their brand will port to the mobile world. Although things are still evolving and not everything is stable, “smart brands are not sitting on the sidelines waiting for the perfect time to jump in. As quickly as things change, there will never be a perfect time.”

Read the full article in Advertising Age here.

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