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Hillary? Rudy? Obama? – You Decide by Socking The Vote With Cellufun’s Free ‘Mobile Ring’ Game

NEW YORK, NY (November 27th, 2007) – Today, Cellufun, Inc., one of the world’s largest mobile entertainment communities, launched “The Mobile Ring”, a free boxing game playable on mobile phones pitting political heavyweights against one another in the ring.

Mobile phone users can use their handsets to take out their frustrations on their favorite or least favorite 2008 election political candidates—without fear of prosecution. Thanks to the new Mobile Ring game from Cellufun, players can now pit different candidates from either party against each other in an evolving virtual environment directly affected by their gameplay.

Unscientific research shows that 98% of Democrats would love to bash the smirk off of Rudy Giuliani’s face and that 97% percent of Republicans want to severely muss up John Edwards’ $400 haircut. Further unscientific research suggests that 100% of apathetic independents who are sick of the talking heads that round out the current campaign field, would just like to bash everyone and anyone they can get their (virtual) hands on, free of charge. This is why Cellufun believes the Mobile Ring game might just take off.

Cellufun’s CEO, Arthur Goikhman, is quite confident of the new game’s mass appeal. “Not all of us bother to vote, but it’s hard to find someone in America, or the world, for that matter, who hasn’t felt like slugging it out with at least one of our candidates.”

How it’s Played

Players can choose to play as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani, Tommy Thompson, or a slew of other contenders. Aside from being an exercise in catharsis, there is a populist strain in the Mobile Ring game. Players can help their favorite long shot candidates by uploading their high scores to Cellufun and affecting their favorite candidates’ performance in the game.

How the Game Evolves Up To the Election

The initial release of the Mobile Ring game will give each candidate a rating based on their current real-life poll position. Subsequently released updates of the game—frequently, Cellufun promises—will take into account not only the real-life poll numbers, but actual performance by Mobile Ring players and which candidates got more wins/losses in the field.

Essentially, players of Mobile Ring can help their favorite politician’s campaign by voting with their thumbs. On, users can vote on other characters for inclusion in later releases; either dark-horse candidates, cable television pundits or perhaps currently elected white house officials (ahem).

The Mobile Ring release marks not only the first political boxing game available for free on a mobile phone, but the first mobile action game whose character’s strength changes based upon real world events.

To download the free game, point your phone’s browser to

The Mobile Ring joins the growing Cellufun game library, which includes WAP games like Call Of the Pharaoh, Space Wars, MobilePet myPhone, the latest in Cellufun’s suite of MobilePets including MobilePet Dog, MobilePet Pig, MobilePet Monkey, and MobilePet Penguin, as well as downloadable Chess, Sudoku, The Battle for Orion’s Belt, Why Chicken Why. These games can be downloaded free of charge by going to on your mobile phone.

About Cellufun, Inc
Cellufun is one of the world’s largest mobile entertainment communities providing casual, connected and multiplayer games for existing and next-generation, Web-enabled mobile phones.
Cellufun has offered free, ad-supported mobile products since April 2006, delivering over four million downloads to consumers in 160 countries. Cellufun gamers can download a variety of single-player games or join multi-player competitions: from Sudoku and Chess to casino games, arcade-style space battles and racing games. Consumers with Web-enabled phones can join Cellufun’s rapidly growing community by going to

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