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Release: Key Players Of Mobile Developer Community Select Smaato Open Mobile Advertising Platform

Funambol, Go Life Mobile, MobiComp, Mocondi, MotionApps, Mobifusion, Quickoffice, Spotigo, and Spodtronic support Smaato Technology

Las Vegas / San Mateo, March 31, 2008 – Smaato Inc. fosters strong ties with mobile software partners and announces a range of new strategic alliances at CTIA Las Vegas. Smaato, pioneering developer of ad-enabling technology for mobile phones partners with leading mobile developers for ad-enabling some of their upcoming mobile software solutions. Partnerships include: Funambol, Go Life Mobile, MobiComp, Mocondi, MotionApps, Mobifusion, Quickoffice, Spotigo, and Spodtronic. Smaato is working with international developers for mobile applications to ad-enable their solutions and to create new revenue streams thru delivering in-application advertising.

Partner Statements:

“Mobile advertising is receiving a lot of attention because it can enable mobile content such as email to be provided to billions of mobile users for free,” said Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of Funambol. “The combination of open source and mobile advertising, as embodied by our partnership with Smaato, will accelerate the transformation from paid to free mobile email for users around the world.”

“Smaato’s strong relationships with international brands, advertising agencies, media publishers and software developers were important in our decision to partner with them,” said James Whitley, CEO of GoLife Mobile Corporation. “With these partnerships, Smaato delivers the variety and quantity of smart targeted ads that increases brand awareness and user interaction.”

Carlos Oliveira, CEO at MobiComp, said: “We enable operators to push personalized information to their customers via an always-on, scrolling ticker that runs along the bottom of a mobile device’s screen when it is in idle mode. By partnering with Smaato we can incorporate targeted advertising into these messages. When users see a message, piece of content or service that interests them, they can access further information through a single click. This is an innovative, low-risk ready to market way for operators to fully exploit the opportunities of mobile advertising while driving the uptake of mobile data services”.

“Peer-to-peer recommendation delivered through our MeYou solution is the most powerful method of content discovery you can have since the recommendation comes from someone you know and trust. With that comes the requirements that any advertising that is shown to our ‘social shopping network’ is relevant and targeted, which is why we are partnering with Smaato to deliver advertising to our rapidly growing MeYou user base,” says JT Klepp, President of MoConDi. “We are excited to work with a company which is in the forefront of the mobile advertising market.”

“Mobile advertising is a growing area with tremendous potential in the mobile space,” said Paul Moreton, VP Product Management, Quickoffice. “We’re eager to explore and develop opportunities with Smaato.”

“The integration of Smaato’s mobile advertising solution into Spotigo’s WiFi SmartClient solution means a great step forward. It lifts our product to the next level and allows our customers and partners to establish new ways of generating revenues. At the same time, our WiFi-based Positioning Solution in combination with Smaato’s ad-serving technology opens up the booming market of location-based services and advertisement to many new players, because it allows tracking the user’s position independently from GPS or GSM and indoor as well. This is why we see an enormous potential in the partnership between Spotigo and Smaato” stated Cristina Álvarez Villanueva, Business Development Manager at Spotigo.

Smaato already supports leading smartphone operating systems as well as hundreds of Java ME enabled handsets with native SOMA clients. These include: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry as well as Java ME – and also a new version for the iPhone SDK. SOMA is a quick and easy way for mobile developers to ad-enable mobile applications – whether online (live request) or offline (cached ads).

Leading mobile developers have already implemented the SOMA client and receive ads from international ad sales networks partnering with Smaato including’s TSM, fast rising Adconion Media Group as well as Microsoft’s Screentonic.

Smaato is covering the whole mobile marketing value chain with server components (mobile ad-server, reporting & tracking, end-user profiling) and ad-serving client technology on the mobile device. Advertisers delivered through SOMA in various applications include Bank of America, Office Depot, Toyota and Avaya. SPB Softwarehouse, iambic, Splashdata, Red Herring, are among the first mobile publishers and developers partnering with SOMA. SOMA supports recommended ad-formats by the MMA (the global Mobile Marketing Association) that are contextually integrated into the mobile user-experience.

About Smaato Inc.
Smaato Inc. is a leading mobile advertising technology company that provides the open mobile advertising platform called SOMA™ (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising) for developers, publishers, ad sales networks and operators. The SOMA platform enables the delivery of targeted display advertising to mobile phones within applications and on mobile sites. SOMA’s unique feature is the SOMA client, which is a mobile ad server on the handset that optimizes the process of ad-enabling applications for mobile software developers. SOMA can be easily integrated with 3rd party ad sales networks, ad inventory owners (developers, publishers, operators) and ad technology providers.

Smaato is an active member of the Mobile Marketing Association, the Advisory Group and the German digital media association BVDW. Smaato received a Top 100 Private Company award by AlwaysOn Media (US) in January of 2007. Smaato Inc. is based in San Mateo, California. The privately held company was founded in 2005 by an experienced international management team. The European office is in Hamburg, Germany.

About Funambol
Funambol provides mobile 2.0 messaging software powered by open source. The company is the leading provider of open source push email and PIM sync solutions for the mass market. Funambol open source has been downloaded more than two million times by 40,000 developers and project participants in 200 countries. The commercial version of Funambol has been deployed at service providers, mobile operators, portals, device manufacturers and ISVs including customers such as 1&1, Earthlink and CA, Inc. Funambol is headquartered in Redwood City, CA with an R&D center in Italy.

About GoLife Mobile
GoLife Mobile Inc. is creating an innovative cross-device mobile applications framework that will significantly accelerate global consumer application development and adoption. GoLife’s extensible system will enable users to rapidly deploy everyday lifestyle widgets on virtually any mobile device worldwide. Users will experience an entirely new level of interaction with their environment which seamlessly blends together the mobile, virtual and physical worlds thus creating a customizable Life Operating System™.

About MobiComp
MobiComp provides mobile solutions that create value for users and operators through the protection, creation, sharing and discovery of mobile content. Its MobileKeeper suite of products allows mobile operators and service providers to drive demand for value-added services, create new revenue streams, strengthen user relationships and attract new customers. Established in 2000, and headquartered in Braga, Portugal, MobiComp has offices in London, Dubai, Lisbon and Kuala Lumpur. Its customers include TMN, Vodafone, Optimus, Syriatel, Cellcom and AL JAWAL.

About Mocondi
MoConDi is a mobile entertainment creator and distributor that has developed and deployed mobile data applications and content for over 1000 content providers including leading the most popular consumer brands such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony Music, THQ, Hands-On Mobile, Glu, I-Play, Gameloft and Electronic Arts to carriers worldwide. MoConDi products drive content uptake and engage communities, as well as creating an environment for content creators to get to market. With offices in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Oslo, London, Milan and Sydney, MoConDi is set-up to quickly identify and export trends across borders to serve the world’s leading wireless carriers, entertainment and media companies, and advertising groups. MeYou is a trademark of Mocondi Ltd.

About MotionApps LLC.
MotionApps exists to design innovative, clever and practical applications that extend the usefulness of Smartphone devices. MotionApps focuses on consumer and enterprise applications in media, security, utility and personal productivity areas for Palm, Windows Mobile and Linux platforms.

About Quickoffice
Quickoffice is the world leader in providing mobile office productivity software and services for mobile devices. The company’s robust software product line-up includes Quickoffice Premier, which allows hi-fidelity viewing and editing of Microsoft Office documents, Quickmanager, which is an embedded e-commerce application that allows for over-the-air upgrades and purchases, and Quickaccess, which provides for remote access of PC-based content. Quickoffice Premier has been thoroughly tested by and ships through major operators such as Vodafone®, Orange®, China Mobile® and Cingular® and also ships worldwide as a built-in solution on tens of millions of smartphones. Quickoffice Premier, which is available in almost 50 languages, has been a top-selling mobile office application since its initial market introduction in 1997. Privately held, Quickoffice Inc. is based in Dallas, Texas with offices in London, England and Ottawa, Canada.

About Spotigo
Spotigo started operations in the beginning of 2005 and has become one of the leading European software- and services company, providing trailblazing technology to the wireless broadband and LBS market. Spotigo distributes a WiFi SmartClient, a software package that enables Internet users to find and log on to WiFi hotspots automatically. Another core product is their WiFi-based Positioning Solution (“WiPS”): It enables service providers to provide location-based services even indoors, and independently from any GPS-hardware or GSM-operators. Furthermore Spotigo manages the largest search-service for WiFi access points with over 250.000 listed hotspots worldwide. Market-leading companies like Lycos, Golden Telekom and FON licensed Spotigo products.

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