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Release: GoldSpot Media Unveils First Rapid Prototyping Platform for Evaluating Mobile Broadcast TV Advertising Models

Innovative ‘Trial-In-A-Box’ Allows Value Chain to Explore New Revenue Opportunities

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 22 – Successful trials around the world point to two major barriers to the commercialization of mobile broadcast services: The ROI from the significant cost of deployment and subscriber unwillingness to pay sizable monthly subscriptions for the service. To accelerate the process of identifying and evaluating profitable and sustainable business models, GoldSpot Media today announced the availability of “Trial-in-a-Box,” the first rapid prototyping platform providing a controlled environment for evaluating the profitability of targeted, interactive mobile broadcast TV advertising models.

GoldSpot Media’s Trial-in-a-Box leverages the company’s powerful end-to-end dynamic ad-insertion solution for broadcast TV and streaming video on mobile phones. It adapts the proven inventory and revenue sharing business models used successfully in the traditional TV market and optimizes them for the highly personal mobile medium. Trial-in-a-Box provides mobile TV value chain partners with the ability to test the effectiveness of multiple advertising business models, ranging from free broadcast TV to individual pay-per-stream, and everything in between.

“Virtually everything is in place today, including mature broadcast technologies, standardization, mobile broadcast terminals, high quality content and consumer acceptance, to make interactive mobile broadcast TV a reality. The glaring exception is proof that it can be profitable to the entire value-chain,” said Staffan Nilsson, senior vice president, Business Development, GoldSpot Media. “Trial-in-a-Box is designed to help solve the catch-22 the first controlled opportunity for mobile TV service providers and ad inventory holders to determine how to optimally integrate advertising to create highly-profitable mobile video services across broadcast and 3G.”

GoldSpot Media’s mobile TV and video advertising solution facilitates the creation of new ad and interactivity formats, allowing ad inventory owners to analyze appropriate advertising models based on their regional regulatory environments. The Trial-in-a-Box product will allow service providers to conduct advertising experiments with various forms of broadcast content including live broadcasts (e.g., sports and news), recorded content (e.g., movies and TV shows), and tailored made-for-mobile content.

About GoldSpot Media

Driving the mass-market adoption of mobile TV and video, GoldSpot Media offers the first end-to-end dynamic ad-insertion solution for broadcast TV and streaming video on mobile phones. Its unique solution powers profitable new advertising revenue models for the entire mobile TV and video value chain by delivering highly targeted, non-intrusive ads in real-time based on demographics, behavioral patterns, context, and location. The privately held company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. with an R&D center in Bangalore, India.

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