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Release: Ad-funded mobile entertainment in games and video to generate revenue of £145m in the UK by 2012

MEF publishes members only Report setting out the potential impact of ad-funded mobile entertainment

The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) has today published a Report that takes an in-depth look into the impact of ad-funded mobile entertainment (AFME) on the on-portal mobile entertainment market in the UK. The Report – available to MEF members only – contains unique statistics outlining mobile entertainment forecasts with service breakdowns; it defines and contextualises AFME; and sets out how AFME, with mobile games and video in particular, is set to generate substantial revenues of £145m by 2012.

Rimma Perelmuter, MEF Executive Director commented: “There are approximately 3 billion mobile subscribers around the world. Being able to provide them with content for free or at a subsidized cost will drive up mobile content consumption and provide users with targeted, personalized advertising that is meaningful to them. MEF believes that by the end of 2008, AFME will have generated revenue for the UK mobile games market of over £600,000. By 2012, AFME will be contributing £41m to the mobile games industry in the UK.”

Matt West , MEF Global Board Member and founder of the Initiative added: “AFME has the potential to contribute significantly to mobile content growth for example by 2012 we believe it will expand the UK mobile games market by up to 15%. There is much work to be done but MEF is confident the industry can reach a point where the mobile device becomes a primary channel in delivering news, information and entertainment supported by personal advertising.”

Since releasing the results of its industry survey on AFME in 2006, MEF has worked to ensure that ad-funded mobile entertainment services have the potential to redefine the way customers engage with and consume mobile content. The unique strengths of mobile to deliver targeted, location based and real time content has yet to be taken advantage of by the mobile industry. MEF currently has two working groups comprised of industry leaders specifically examining the potential for AFME and how this potential can be realized. The first working group is looking at developing metrics and measurement and the second is looking at education – MEF will produce a lexicon and develop a guide setting out the different types of mobile content and examine how best services can be ad-funded and what the business models will look like.

The Report is available to MEF Members at

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