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MobiAD News is published by Any Screen Productions, a strategic consultancy which focuses on mobile media, mobile technology, and cross platform content. We have many years experience in mobile, content, interactive, and events, and offer consulting services in the areas described below.


• We can work with you to develop a Strategic Mobile Business Plan for your company, laying out how your company can best use the unique strengths of mobile for of sales, marketing, and CRM.

• We also do Competitive Analysis Studies, and help companies put together their overall Business Plan.

Business Development

• For companies expanding into European markets, we can help you analyze & select the best markets, and then develop specific “market entry” business plans.

• We also use our wide network of contacts to make business introductions and to help establish partnerships.

Due Diligence

• For investors or companies involved in M&A activity, Any Screen Productions can help you evaluate and understand the risks associated with a company, the viability of its business plans, and other factors that might effect its value.

Venture Financing

• The mobile advertising & marketing industry is at a point of rapid growth and change. New companies are appearing, VC’s and PE firms are making investments, and companies are being acquired.
•If your company has reached the stage where it is time to expand your capital structure, we can help you accomplish you financing objectives. Through business plan development as well as introductions to interested investors, we will work with you to accelerate your funding activities.


• We speak at many industry events, and are interested in continuing to participate in the future. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a speaking opportunity.
• Any Screen Productions can also design, plan, and execute a wide variety of effective events for your company. The type of events might include small, targeted “thought leadership” sessions, industry social networking events, or full scale professional conferences.


• We run a Mobile Advertising & Marketing Workshop for agencies and advertisers which gives an overview of this new area, looks at what is possible and successful today. We examine the various ad formats, and what works and what doesn’t, with many specific campaign examples.

To discuss any of these services and how we can assist you with your business, please contact jimcook (at) mobiadnews (dot) com.

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