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Release: Flirtomatic adds Social Intelligence solution from Xtract for superior customer insight

Helsinki, Finland and London, England — 25 February 2009 – Xtract, providers of social intelligence solutions, has announced Flirtomatic is using its flagship product, Social Links, for improved customer insight for its online and mobile services. Flirtomatic is a web and mobile social network and flirting service for ages 18 and over. Social Links is the only readily available solution in the market able to analyse the social networking influence and behaviour patterns of members, and Flirtomatic applies the intelligence to create more compelling services for each customer segment, and targeted, relevant and personal marketing and promotions, via web and mobile.

Xtract’s Social Links provides Flirtomatic with a dashboard-style view containing 3D profiles of its members. The 3D profiles comprise basic demographic data, behavioural data and social networking influence information. Influential community members can be targeted with campaigns, resulting in viral take-up throughout the community via crucial word-of-mouth marketing. This approach works two-fold, because influential members have both direct pull over purchasing decisions (by recommending products to their friends) as well as indirect pull (by friends’ desire to imitate or mimic their friends’ purchases).

Having gained this new level of customer insight, Flirtomatic plans to expand usage of Social Links later in 2009 to build a third-party advertising revenue stream. The attraction for third-party advertisers is the strength of the community, as well as the ability to pinpoint accurately described segments and influential members with relevant ads.

“The early results from customer segmentation are very insightful and exciting. We can now see considerable potential, as the business scales, to directly improve our revenues through a sophisticated view of our customers, their behaviour and the pattern of their relationships,” said Mark Curtis, CEO of Flirtomatic. “Xtract’s tool hands us an effective, powerful CRM solution. We’ll be expanding use of the tool following the completion of our US launch.”

Timo Laaksonen, CEO of Xtract said: “We ensure that Flirtomatic takes full advantage of its unique capability to understand better who their members are, what drives them and who are the most influential members for viral campaigning. The use of this intelligence for highly targeted promotions allows Flirtomatic to immediately boost sales of its value-added services.”

About Xtract
Xtract delivers software products for social marketing and advertising intelligence. The company refines social interaction, personal behaviour and demographic data to create accurate 3D user profiles. These profiles for the first time enable companies to utilise data as a dynamic tool in the day-to-day business of marketing for effective and intelligent targeting of digital advertising, viral campaigns and predictive churn management. Xtract’s products and solutions are automated, self-learning and capable of analysing billions of customer transactions. They make complexity simple with easy to use and actionable tools for marketers and advertisers to define accurate targets for their campaigns. Xtract works with over 50 blue-chip companies with intensive customer data. Headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland.

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