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Built, designed and delivered by MIG’s Kilrush Application Studio (KAS)

Monetised via integrated sponsorship packages and rich media in App advertising powered by ad serving platform Mpresssion

The very first iPhone App for ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent has been an immediate success, jumping to the top of the App charts in a matter of days. Britain’s Got Talent is one of the UK’s most popular TV shows and the App, produced by talkbackThames digital in collaboration with MIG, launched on Thursday 15th April. Created by Kilrush Application Studio (KAS), it has been built specifically for iPhone and iPod touch users who are avid fans of the show and is available for free via the App store.

• Over 200,000 viewers have download the App since launch (in four days)
The Britain’s Got Talent App enables viewers to watch the latest videos and access exclusive back stage footage; keep up to date with breaking news, gossip and hot stories; browse photo galleries of the acts and judges, and rate and share them with friends and family; and participate directly with ITV2’s Britain’s Got More Talent during live episodes. Additionally the App has been integrated with social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to allow fans to explore and share content on the move and is accessible 24/7.

Robert Marsh, Head of talkbackTHAMES digital, said, “In 2009, viewing figures for Britain’s Got Talent were huge so we know the show is hugely popular nationwide. This year the launch of the App allows us to broaden our digital reach and to entertain and engage viewers on the move, as well as maximising value for our sponsors and advertisers.”

Ben Cusack, Group Marketing Director, Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) added, “The App marks a UK first for Britain’s Got Talent and the stats to date demonstrates that viewers are really interacting with content, both during the shows as a direct response to a call to action on screen and afterwards. Plus we know content is being consumed and shared with friends and family through social networks at a time that is convenient for them. Using a number of techniques to promote the App it’s already become number one for viewers and fans of the show.”

“Built and powered by Kilrush Application Studio (KAS), which allows Non-Developers to build feature rich apps across all mobile platforms, the App performs on multiple levels – it helps promote the show, enables real integration and participation, engages tech savvy fans nationwide and helps them become an integral to the success of the show and delivers greater ROI for in App advertisers.”

The App has been monetised through integrated sponsorship packages, with Domino’s Pizza taking lead sponsorship, enabling viewers to order pizza and have it delivered directly to their door via the App. All mobile advertising is be powered via 4th Screen Advertising’s ad serving platform Mpression.

The App was launched on Thursday 15th April and can be downloaded for free by fan’s who own an iPhone or iPod Touch, at the App Store – in time for the first programme which aired on Saturday 17th April at 7pm on ITV1.

Kilrush Application Studios (KAS) allows anyone to build even the most demanding of App for any platform or mobile device. KAS and 4th Screen Advertising are part of Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), a global integrated mobile and digital communications business

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