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Release: Microsoft Selects JiWire to Help Deliver Unique Wi-Fi Advertising Experiences

Alliance to Enable Municipal Wi-Fi Networks to Display Cutting-Edge Interactive Advertisements, Monetize Infrastructure Investments; First Joint Customers Announced

SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2007 – Today, JiWire, provider of the world’s leading mobile broadband advertising network, announced an alliance with Microsoft Corp. to deliver cutting-edge advertising to users of municipal Wi-Fi networks, in cities including Portland, OR and Oakland County, MI. The Portland network currently has over 13,000 monthly users, and is owned and operated by MetroFi, Inc., which works with Microsoft/MSN® to deliver locally relevant content and advertising on the network. The Oakland County network, run by MichTel Communications, will be the nation’s largest municipal Wi-Fi deployment, covering 910 square miles and 1.2 million people once fully deployed.

Where agreed with the network owner, advertisements delivered as a result of the JiWire-Microsoft partnership may include: Ultramercial® ad units, which are patented interactive advertisements that Wi-Fi network users opt-in to view in exchange for free network access; advertisements on screens displayed before and after a user logs into the Wi-Fi network; and advertising that appears while a Wi-Fi network user is browsing the Internet. Many of the advertising campaigns delivered on the municipal networks will be from advertisers participating in JiWire’s mobile broadband advertising network.

“JiWire’s unique technology assets and deep domain expertise position it as a leader in mobile broadband advertising,” said Stefan Weitz, director of Planning for MSN at Microsoft. “Together we will optimize the municipal Wi-Fi user experience to enable the delivery of free or low-cost Wi-Fi access, and provide a high-value delivery vehicle for marketers seeking to reach this audience.”

“We are pleased to work with Microsoft to deliver this compelling advertising solution to municipal Wi-Fi operators,” said Kevin McKenzie, chief executive officer, JiWire. “Our unique Ads for Access offering, which includes our industry exclusive with Ultramercial and other cutting-edge ad formats, our ability to target advertising by location using our hotspot registry, and our ability to reach an attractive demographic that includes mobile businesspeople and other Wi-Fi users, is an incredibly powerful medium for advertisers seeking an advantage in competitive markets.”

Premium Audience, Premium Advertising Revenue
Marketers delivering the type of advertisements made possible by the JiWire-Microsoft alliance reach a highly desirable demographic that includes mobile professionals and affluent technology enthusiasts. Also, marketers using this advertising channel position themselves as relevant, forward-thinking organizations. As a result, municipalities deploying the JiWire-Microsoft solution command premium rates for displaying this advertising.

“The joint Microsoft-JiWire offering provides us with a powerful way to monetize the investment we’ve made in our wireless Internet infrastructure,” said Tony Yangouyian, chief financial officer, MichTel Communications. “Municipal Wi-Fi network operators like us receive a complete package: a unique technology platform, established advertiser relationship management, and world-class service and support.”

About JiWire

JiWire is the leading mobile broadband advertising network, delivering premium, location-driven advertising on Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks. JiWire’s breakthrough advertising medium enables marketers to reach an influential mobile demographic at point-of-connection. JiWire’s portfolio of blue-chip advertisers, combined with its market-proven delivery platform and registry of Wi-Fi and WiMAX locations, enables mobile broadband networks and device manufacturers to leverage advertising as a currency for wireless Internet access. For more information, please visit or call (415) 877-4711.

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