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Top Story of the Week

monitise_header.pngOne thing is certain about the world of mobile commerce and marketing - companies need to be able to adapt quickly and exploit new opportunities as they appear, or else they risk becoming obsolete.

One company that is doing just this is Monitise, a company that began in mobile banking, but now has grown to support mobile payments and mobile commerce. And soon, Monitise intends to turn banks in a "media channel".

11. 04. 2014.

Industry News

gaming-opportunity.jpgSeveral recent studies have confirmed that gaming continues to dominate as one of the most popular activities on mobile, and therefore represents a clear opportunity for marketers.

According to one, nearly 70% of tablet owners currently use their device to play games, and predicts that over 50% of the US population will actively play games on their mobile device by 2015.

13. 04. 2014.

Industry News

zample_header.pngOne of the top objectives of advertisers has always been to increase the relevance of a particular ad to the specific consumer who is receiving the ad.

Zample is a new start-up that is helping brands increase the relevance of their advertising by listening to - and automatically recognizing - the media which surrounds a consumer. This information can have great value for mobile app publishers, and may spawn some interesting new marketing services.

07. 04. 2014.

Industry News

social_media_logos.gifAt last some concrete evidence confirming a trend that has seemed likely.

A recent study has shown that, compared with older generations, the buying habits of Millennials are significantly more influenced by their friends' social media activities.

06. 04. 2014.

Industry News

twitter-clicktocall-title.jpgTwitter has started a trial of Click to Call by allowing advertisers to include this feature in their sponsored tweets.

This option will enable consumers to speak directly to the brand, and will be "particularly appealing to direct response advertisers looking to generate leads, drive app downloads, collect consumers’ email addresses and induce incoming calls from customers,” according to Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s VP of global online sales.

31. 03. 2014.

Industry News

media-mix.jpgWe read so many numbers each day about the size of the advertising market, the size of the display market, the size of the mobile market, etc etc. Some times it is hard to keep them straight and get perspective on how they relate.

Here is a very easy to understand infographic from eMarketer that puts all the basic stats about the US ad market in one place. Check it out!

27. 03. 2014.
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Market Resources

phone-errors.jpgThese days many companies are launching mobile apps as part of their marketing and customer relationship strategy. These companies are from all sectors: fashion, food, sports, FMCG, travel, etc.

For most of these companies, it is the first time they have ever released a software product. This study gives some hard numbers on why making sure a app works right is so critical.

19. 03. 2014.
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Industry Analysis

mwc2014-wrapup.pngAs always, the MobiAD team attended the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona to uncover the key trends in the world of mobile. This year more than 85,000 attendees from over 200 countries were there, making it by far the largest MWC ever.

Here is our take on four of the most interesting trends that we spotted at the show, subjects that we believe could well be important for MobiAD subscribers to follow over the coming year, including Internet of Things, m-Payments, Mobile Marketing, and Mobile For Development.

13. 03. 2014.
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