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Vogue UK: Readers feel ads are
"as important as the content"
Vogue:Reads like Ads

Amid all the recent discussion about ad-blocking and worries that advertising based business models may fail, one bit of good news shines through.

According to Vogue UK, a new survey shows that over 82% of their readers actively pay attention to ads on their sites, and many value ads as much as the content!

This Week's News

Twitter Mobile Ads Twitter Opens Mobile Ads to All Advertisers

Last year, Twitter launched the Twitter Publisher Network to help advertisers connect with audiences both on Twitter and in thousands of mobile apps outside of Twitter.

Recently Twitter opened the service to an even wider base of advertisers. Now called Twitter Audience Platform, it reaches over 700 million people globally.   >>more

Facebook Growth from Mobile FaceBook Revenue Growth All Comes from Mobile Ads

Facebook is one of the biggest technology success stories of the past decade, with almost 1.5 billion monthly users, and generating over $4 billion in revenue each quarter!

The amazing fact is that most of that revenue growth results from mobile advertising.   >>more

IoT + Big Data Drive Digital Marketing IoT and Big Data are Driving Digital Marketing

Big Data and IoT are two of the hottest technologies influencing the digital marketing activities of many companies.

If you aren't yet using these in your business - or at least familiar with the trends - perhaps it is time to get started.   >>more


This Week's Market Resources

Mobile Email Beats Desktop! Mobile Email Outperforms Desktop!

Recently we passed a major milestone, with two thirds of all emails being opened on mobile devices.

This paper from Moveable Ink also found that roughly half of all conversions happen on mobile, and offers a few key pointers to help companies best use this channel.   >>more


Upcoming Events of Interest

unBOUND London 2015 unBOUND London
30 November to 1 December, 2015 - London, UK

unBound London is the UKs most exciting innovation festival connecting leaders and growth stage companies from digital ecosystems around the world.   >>more

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