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Samsung Creates Angry Birds Galaxy Level To Promote SII Handset

samsung-angry-birds.pngWhen Samsung launched their new Galaxy SII handset they were faced with the usual marketing conundrum of how to create a buzz around the launch of a Smartphone in an overcrowded and over-hyped marketplace

Having identified that their target audience spent more time on social games than they did watching prime time television, they came up with the idea of creating an exclusive level of the Angry Birds game.

And the results were spectacular!

Samsung entrusted media communications agency Starcom and mobile media agency Enrich Mobile with this task.

“If Samsung wanted to make an impact with the launch of Galaxy SII, they needed something that was globally relevant, highly engaging and easily scalable across dozens of local markets,” explains Kristen Kelly, VP global business director of Starcom.


On top of the special Galaxy level, Samsung created an online area with special images, videos, contest to win Angry Birds merchandising and an exclusive Golden Egg that could be won through the evel.

In order to promote the special level, which happened to be the first Angry Birds level to be played in zero gravity, Angry Birds characters were placed in mobile rich media units and video and placed within the Angry Birds game.


Samsung bought more than 14,000,000 impressions that drove consumers to a Samsung owned mobile landing page, which acted as a hub for the campaign. In addition the existence of the special level was highlighted via social media with posts on the official Angry Birds Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Golden Egg

Attracting players to the hub was just the start, with Rovio designing a gameplay so that the Golden Egg would be virtually impossible to find without watching the video or being told via social media.



Rumours of the level spread quickly thanks to the viral buzz with Starcom reporting high click-through rates to the Samsung SII page from the Hub and thousand of entries to the competition allowing Samsung to communicate directly with them.

Furthermore, users spent more than 12,800,000 minutes engaging with the Samsung Branded level at an average of 8 minutes per user. This campaign has no doubt contributed to the Samsung Galaxy SII becoming Samsung’s best ever selling phone having sold over 5 million units in its first 3 months.

Justin Lello, CEO of Enrich Mobile, said: “The Angry Birds/Samsung Galaxy SII campaign was a classic demonstration of how an integrated sponsorship campaign created positive viral buzz from devoted Angry Birds fans around a very slick Samsung owned environment and game play,” says Lello.

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