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Admob Creates Ad Unit for iPhone

Admob has created a special Ad Unit for the iPhone. The decision will allow advertisers to make the most of the unique capabilities of the iPhone, while allowing publishers to monetize their iPhone traffic with iPhone-specific content.

“What we built takes advantage of the targeting capabilities of our platform and the unique capabilities of the iPhone to deliver rich, mobile-specific advertisements. This new user functionality – from an advertisement – is exactly what mobility is all about,” said AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui.

The iPhone has a well publicized ability to browse standard web sites, not just specially created WAP sites. However, to take full advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities and to deliver the best possible user experience can require specially created ads. The AdMob iPhone ad unit is designed to do just that.

As an example, AdMob is demonstrating a new iPhone ad for Starbucks. When a customer clicks on the ad, they are given the opportunity to enter their zip code. Doing that automatically opens the Google Maps application that is included with the iPhone, and the customer is shown the location of the nearest Starbucks. Here is a video of this ad:

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The iPhone is currently available only in the US, and only on the ATT network (previously known as Cingular). In the few months since it has been available, there have been numerous add on products and applications announced.

Some industry watchers have predicted that the iPhone will revolutionize the way that consumers interact with the mobile internet, and that it will bring the mobile internet into the mainstream (see predictions from Nokia Though Leadership Meeting). Its too early to tell if these predictions are accurate or not, but specially designed ad units that optimize the customer experience will go a long way towards making them reality.

For additional quotes from AdMob, go to this article.

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