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The MobiAD Market Resources page is an area where we've gathered various market research reports, industry analyses, conference presentations, and any other resource material we think is relevant to the mobile advertising industry.
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What's in the Market Resources:

mobile-emailOver the past several years, marketers have learned to focus on mobile as people have begun using mobile for more and more of their digital life.

Now it appears that a major milestone has been passed - with two thirds of all emails being opened on mobile devices, a strong majority.

The paper from Moveable Ink also found that roughly half of all conversions happen on mobile, and offers a few key pointers to help companies best use this channel.

27. 08. 2015.
The mobile marketing industry continues to change a great rate, with evolving ad formats, media types, and customer behaviours.

The ways in which mobile advertising is purchased is also changing radically. A new study from the IAB shows that programmatic mobile ad sales are surging, a trend that is likely to continue.

28. 07. 2015.
trends_2015It is getting harder and harder to keep up to date with all developments in the market these days due to the rapid pace of change in both technology and in consumer behavior.

To address this need, for the past 20 years Mary Meeker has put together an annual presentation about the key trends in the internet and mobile world. The presentation covers a wide variety of topics including mobile advertising, wearables, apps, content distribution, IPO's, healthcare technology, and lots more.

The report provides not only thought provoking insights, but also detailed numbers to back them up. If your business is effected by developments in digital technology, then this is a report you have to look at. Follow oceannenvironment to know more about digital technology.

14. 07. 2015.
android_eats_appleA recent report from Opera Mediaworks indicates that - for the first time - mobile advertising on Android based devices has passed iOS based advertising on two key indicators.

Already the clear leader in impressions for the past year, in Q1 2015 Android also became the leader in total revenue generated.

See the complete statistics here.

06. 05. 2015.
mobile-search-simpleMobile search marketing enjoyed a very good Christmas season this year. The numbers are impressive.

According to the Digital Marketing Report Q4 2014 , mobile organic search traffic grew 54% from a year earlier, and now represents over 40% of all organic search across the three main search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

And more impressive, on Christmas day mobile plus tablet click share was over 50%!

04. 02. 2015.
iphone_moneyMobile payments seems to have remained "on the horizon" for several years.

Products like Google-Wallet and NFC were supposed to have revolutionized payments by now, but have either faded into obscurity or are just now starting to make any serious inroads.

So the question one has to ask is - does anyone really want mobile payments?

The answer is a resounding YES, it is the Millennial generation that is likely to finally drive adoption of new payment technology.

20. 12. 2014.
push-message2Customer engagement is typically the key objective for most branded, marketing-focused mobile apps. But studies have shown that levels of engagement often decrease very shortly after the first use, and once the customer is out of the habit of using the app, it can be very hard to rekindle interest.

The use of push messaging can be a great way to keep consumers engaged, or bring them back after a quiet period.

This infographic and downloadable guide give you the background, the techniques, and some case examples to help you more effectively use push messaging in your mobile app marketing.

07. 09. 2014.
mobile_travelThe latest version of Millennial Media's, Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting report (S.M.A.R.T.), shows just how fast mobile advertising is growing in certain sectors.

While Entertainment still is the top spending vertical category, other categories are growing faster, with Travel growing over 400% and Pharmaceuticals increasing by almost 500% over the past year!

06. 08. 2014.
"Retargeting" is a very effective, rapidly growing technique to improve the conversion rate from digital advertising. Only recently have advertisers been able to use the mobile channel for retargeting.

A new study from AdRoll looked at the performance of retargeting ads on Facebook, and found that mobile was not only more effective, it was also less expensive. Check out the full study here, as well as a whitepaper on Facebook advertising.

05. 08. 2014.
mobile&internet-trendsThe pace of technology change and consumer behavior change is so rapid these days that it is very difficult to keep up to date with all developments in the market.

If you only look at one report this year on developments in the market, we highly recommend that you look at this one - Mary Meeker's annual presentation about the key trends in the internet and mobile world.

The presentation covers a wide variety of topics including mobile advertising, wearables, apps, content distribution, IPO's, healthcare technology, and lots more, and not only provides thought provoking insights, but also detailed numbers to back them up.

25. 06. 2014.
tablet-advertisingTablets have been mainstream for only a few years, but already they are incredibly popular for certain uses.

Although most would agree that the tablet form factor provides a high level of consumer interaction and engagement, specific studies substantiating this and providing a finer level of detail have been sorely missing.

Newsworks is the marketing body for national newspapers in the UK, and they recently launched The Tablet Project just to address this need.

26. 05. 2014.
phone-errors.jpgThese days many companies are launching mobile apps as part of their marketing and customer relationship strategy. These companies are from all sectors: fashion, food, sports, FMCG, travel, etc.

For most of these companies, it is the first time they have ever released a software product. This study gives some hard numbers on why making sure a app works right is so critical.

19. 03. 2014.
global_mobile.jpgEvery year the reach of mobile expands and impacts our lives in more ways. The spread of mobile devices is changing not only consumer lifestyles, but also business strategy.

Although the industry is immense, it is not at all homogenous, with differing devices, networks, services and consumer behaviors throughout the world. This detailed report from Deloitte provides an interesting look at the current state and important trends in the global mobile industry.

01. 02. 2014.
crystal_ball-2014.jpg Every year at this time, we see many lists predicting what will be the hot trends for the coming 12 months.

This year one of the best lists we've seen comes from MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce.

Based on a survey of 10,000 mobile users in 13 countries, plus insights from the MEF Global board of directors, the forecast identifies 10 key trends that will influence and shape the mobile industry in 2014.

09. 01. 2014.
fb-thumb-ads.gifTwo things have become very clear recently: • Facebook is serious about providing many advertising opportunities • Consumers love to use Facebook over mobile

This excellent whitepaper looks at recent trends in Facebook advertising, and recommends specific strategies for maximizing returns from Facebook campaigns.

09. 01. 2014.
gsma_mobilecommerce.jpgThe GSMA is the global organization of mobile operators, arguably the most influential mobile association in the world.

This new whitepaper from the GSMA is a detailed look at the opportunities provided by mobile commerce in the retail industry.

14. 11. 2013.
fast_growth.jpgMobile advertising is definitely on a growth spurt these days.

According to Publicis-owned ad agency ZenithOptimedia, global advertising will grow at a respectable rate of 3.5% over the coming year, with internet advertising growing about three times this fast. Mobile advertising on the other hand, is expected to grow at an astounding 77% this year!

04. 10. 2013.
mobile-banking.gif Are the new technologies of mobile banking, contactless payments and social media changing the way people bank?

Over the coming years, this issue will have an important impact on marketers and merchants everywhere.

This in-depth survey from ING International provides some surprising answers and a better understanding of this important emerging consumer trend.

12. 09. 2013.
iab-growth-2013-2.gifTwice a year the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) sponsors a survey of internet related advertising revenues. Conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The study provides a very detailed, interesting look at the key trends in internet advertising, including Mobile.

The study reported that mobile advertising revenues in the US grew by over 100% during 2012, the fastest growing segment of the entire internet advertising industry!

20. 06. 2013.
trends2013.gifGolden Gekko has released their top mobile trends for 2013 list, with a whole host of great advice for retailers, both mobile, online, and traditional.

Of course many of the trends revolve around the explosive growth of mobile retail, including m-commerce, in-store comparisons, CRM, customer loyalty, etc. Take a look at these trends, they could be important for your business.

06. 03. 2013.
best_practices.gifThe mobile web landscape continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, with new devices, new development technologies, new ad serving requirements, and new design paradigms all adding to the challenge of excellent mobile web development.

Now a group of web designers have put together a website of "Best Practices" to help all developers address these challenges. This resource is really worth a look!

02. 02. 2013.
2012-internet-trends5.gifMary Meeker, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers, periodically puts out a paper looking at the most significant trends in the internet and mobile, as well as her view for the likely future.

Her latest work was presented to a group of students at Stanford University in December of 2012. It provides a fascinating overview of two of the biggest forces shaping our lives today.

16. 01. 2013.
up_arrow_green.gifMobile advertising spending more than doubled globally last year, with increases set to continue for the next four years until the market is worth almost $37 billion by 2016.

The latest statistics from research firm eMarketer found that ad revenues on mobile were $8.41 billion in 2012, up from the previous year's $4.08 billion.

16. 01. 2013.
mobile_retail.jpgMobile Retail is clearly one of the hottest topics in mobile marketing today, and it is changing rapidly.

Now Velti, a leading provider of mobile marketing and advertising solutions, has released a white paper, "Mobile - The Shop in you Pocket", that looks at some consumer attitude aspects of mobile retail, and explains how retailers can take advantage of the "trusted position" they enjoy with consumers.

04. 10. 2012.
3screens.gifThe Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released the findings from a new study which tried to understand how consumers interact with their different devices. The results show that consumers' use of devices varies greatly throughout the day, and that tablets have a very special use pattern.

08. 08. 2012.
mobile-in-cart-xmas.jpgThere was a lot of talk during the 2011 Christmas season about the growth of mobile commerce. But how much mobile shopping actually took place, what were consumers using their phones for, and how did they feel about it?

To investigate these and similar questions, dotJWT (the digital arm of the JWT) conducted an in-depth survey of several hundred mobile shoppers .

The results show that mobile is rapidly becoming a very significant commerce channel, but the actual mobile shopping behavior of today's consumers may not be what you think.

03. 06. 2012.
tablet-shopping1.jpgA recent report entitled, Mobile & Tablet e-Commerce: Is anyone really ready?, has found that less than a third of online retailers has a Tablet optimized shopping experience available for their customers.

The report by Zmags, a rich media mobile and social merchandising provider, found that of the top 100 internet shopping sites, most were reliant on their standard web pages to provide an “adequate” experience.

29. 04. 2012.
kindle_reader.jpgAccording to a study by marketing research company Nielsen, mobile advertising is more effective in Europe than it is in the United States.

The findings showed that owners of tablets and smartphones in Italy, Germany and the UK were more likely to make a purchase online via their PC after seeing a mobile advert than their American counterparts.

14. 03. 2012.
crystal_ball-2012.gifAs has become a tradition in recent years, Chetan Sharma has produced his annual Mobile Industry Predictions Survey.

Each year, Chetan contacts a wide variety of leaders in the mobile industry to see what they feel will be the key trends in the upcoming year, as well as what they thought were the most interesting and important developments during the previous year.

It always makes for interesting reading!

30. 01. 2012.
android-or-iphone.jpgAn interesting white paper published by Media Buying platform Ads Mobi and written by mobile research company Mobile Squared has predicted that Smartphones will overtake Feature phones during 2012 in the US.

22. 12. 2011.
click-on-iphone.jpgAccording to the latest research published in Jumptap’s MobilleSTAT report, rich media ads lead to much, much higher levels of consumer engagement.

Jumptap found that there is an increase of up to 455% in Click Through Rates for rich media ad units compared to static banners.

06. 11. 2011.
google-ourmobileplanet.gifThis week at the Mobile Marketing Forum in London, Google announced the launch of a new mobile consumer data resource, Our Mobile Planet.

The Our Mobile Planet web site provides users with free access to the full set of data from a major mobile market study commissioned by Google.

07. 10. 2011.
android-_1.gifThe latest Millennial Media Mobile Mix Report has seen impressive growth for Android devices, growing 15% month-on-month and remaining the number 1 OS on the Millennial network for the 8 consecutive month.

The success with the Android OS has also seen manufacturers of Android devices perform well with Samsung growing by 28%.

04. 09. 2011.
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b2b_hands_250.jpgMost of the discussion over the past several years around mobile marketing has centered on the use of mobile for B2C (Business To Consumer) marketing, with big consumer brands often taking the lead.

However, there is a growing realization in industry that mobile is not limited to B2C, but in fact can be very useful in B2B (Business To Business) marketing as well.

Take a look at this whitepaper from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) which explains how B2B marketers can best make use of the mobile channel. Well you can check makersfestival for more info.

21. 08. 2011.
app_vs_web.gifWhen mobile apps first appeared, they took the mobile industry by storm, and offered a level of interactivity, engagement, and entertainment never before achievable on a mobile.

However, over time the speed and capability of the mobile web has greatly improved, and now many marketers are wondering which is the best approach to take.

This guide from the MMA shows marketers how they can combine mobile apps and the mobile web to create campaigns that are more effective and have greater reach than if they used only one of the channels.

28. 07. 2011.
teens_media.jpgToday's teen generation has been raised in an era of unprecedented media choice - internet everywhere, mobile, cable, connected tablets, time-shifted TV - the list seems almost endless.

Nielsen, a global leader in measurement and information, has put together a snapshot of the media habits of the teen generation.

Mobile Video, Texting, Social Media, Mobile Advertising - Nielsen looks at all of these in their report.

14. 07. 2011.
milleniall_car.jpgBuying a car is one of the biggest purchases most people make in their daily life. And it turns out that increasingly the mobile marketing channel is being used effectively to influence this purchase decision.

Millennial Media has released their latest Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting Report (SMART), which provides some very interesting information about mobile users who are interested in automobile content.

07. 07. 2011.
mobile-in-cart.jpgThe past several months has seen a huge growth in the area of mobile commerce. More and more people are now using their phone for shopping, whether they are at home, in the store, or simply out and about.

As a result, many retail brands have greatly increased their use of the mobile marketing channel. Having a good understanding of who is the mobile retail consumer, their characteristics and buying patterns is becoming ever more important.

Recently Millennial Media and comScore have released some very in-depth information about Mobile Retail for all marketers who are interested in this very important trend.

19. 06. 2011.
mobile_ecosystem.gifSometimes the mobile industry is growing and changing so fast that it seems very hard to keep up with the trends, keep up with the key companies, and understand how all the parts fit together.

Econsultancy has put together an infograph that gives a very interesting, high level overview of the entire rapidly evolving world of mobile - including key statistics and players - in an easy to scan graphical interface. Take a look.

19. 06. 2011.
yesyoucan.jpgOne of the biggest global trends in mobile advertising over the past few years has been the growth of massive opt-in databases and "permission based marketing".

Many mobile operators now have databases containing information on millions of subscribers who have agreed to receive targeted advertising messages.

Out There Media has been very active in permission based marketing, especially in the fast growing Asia region. Now OTM, in conjunction with the MMA, has authored a white paper which shares data gathered from running many permission-based campaigns, and includes a set of recommendations to help grow this form of mobile advertising.

26. 05. 2011.
mobile-video.jpgTelevision advertising has long been viewed as one of the most powerful means of advertising communication.

Most mobile phones are now capable of playing video - this study provides information on the effectiveness of using mobile video for advertising, and offers some "best practice" guidelines.

21. 05. 2011.
chart_growth-1.gifA new Report from research from Zenith Optimedia has predicted that the global advertising market will grow by 4.2% during 2011. This is down slightly from the 4.6% growth predicted in December and is due to the recent events in the Middle East and Japan. These two events are expected to reduce global spend by $2.4 billion according to the study.

01. 05. 2011.
firstptr_payments.gifFirstPartner, a UK based research agency has released a very interesting "map" of the mobile payments industry.

The map provides a overview of how mobile commerce and mobile payments is growing as well as who are the key players, and is a good resource for anyone who is interested in this part of the mobile industry.

07. 03. 2011.

Every year at this time we see dozens of "Top Trends" predictions for the upcoming year. This year, top tier VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers has released one of the most comprehensive and interesting presentations we have seen for a long while.

It includes lots of data about the state of the mobile internet, mobile advertising, and mobile platforms, as well as making some very interesting projections. Highly recommended.

20. 02. 2011.
mma-logo.pngThe Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), has published the 5th edition of its “Mobile Advertising Guidelines” report that is designed to provide broad industry standards and best practises.

The MMA is soliciting comments on these guidelines, as well as two other documents focused on emerging opportunities in mobile marketing.

20. 02. 2011.
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google-acquisitions.gifEvery once in a while you run across a graphic that is so striking you just have to share it.

The team at Scores.Org and ByJess.Net have done some analysis and have put together a super infographic which displays Google's acquisition appetite over the past several years.

This chart is definitely worth looking at, both for the information it contains as well as the cleverness of the design.

10. 02. 2011.
qr-neomedia.gif2D barcodes are a technology that has been widely discussed and promoted by various companies for several years in the mobile space, but has never seemed to gain too much traction in the market.

However, it looks as though this is all finally starting to change. Read this informative guide from NeoMedia to learn all you need to know about this up and coming technology. You can follow Butterfly Releases to check latest updates.

29. 01. 2011.
luma-ecosystem-2010small.jpgSometimes it seems that digital advertising has evolved into an overly complex eco-system with so many interconnected players that it is difficult to keep track of them all.

Take a look at this incredible chart which attempts to provide an overall context and put all the key players into perspective.

17. 01. 2011.
multi-ipad.gifThe iPad was released less than a year ago, and it has started a wave of tablet computers. But this is still a new phenomenon, and so the market is still learning how people will use these new products.

Now a recent survey of UK consumers by YouGov has shown that nearly a fifth of iPad owners say that they own more than one tablet in their household, and another fifth are considering buying additional tablets.

16. 01. 2011.
mar-st-pauls.gifMobile Augmented Reality (MAR) has been in the market for a couple of years now, and is the basis for some of the most innovative mobile apps around.

Portio Research has authored this introductory guide and market overview of the MAR market for those who are not yet too familiar with the concept.

14. 12. 2010.
mortarboard.gifThere are approximately 20 million university students in China, making this an enormously attractive advertising target.

Recently, David Holding-Parsons from MobiAd News completed a study of the attitude of Chinese students towards mobile advertising and found that they were receptive to mobile advertisements, but rewards and control are important!

20. 11. 2010.
nielsen-ipad-ad.gifA recent study by Nielsen into consumer habits on the iPad, Kindle and similar devices has found that iPad users are more willing to receive ads and more willing to pay for content than users of other devices.

28. 10. 2010.
nokia-logo.gifWith all the recent negative publicity surrounding Nokia, one would be excused for thinking that they were a struggling mobile handset manufacturer.

However, recent figures released by mobile advertising network InMobi show that Nokia are still comfortably ahead of their rivals.

18. 10. 2010.
distimo_logo.gifApp Stores are the real hub of activity in the mobile world these days, and having an up-to-date understanding of the key trends in this area can be crucial for a business.

Distimo is an app store analytics company built to solve the challenges created by a widely fragmented app store marketplace. This latest report from Distimo takes a look at in-app billing, as well as reporting the highest ranking paid and free apps from the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace.

14. 09. 2010.
mobile_games.gifOne of the hardest things to judge is who your users are, but a recent survey of Mobile Gamers by Buzz City sheds some light on this all important question.

The survey was conducted during May and June 2010 and involved almost 1,500 consumers from 10 countries in the top 20 traffic generators on the Buzz City network.

13. 08. 2010.
mcommerce.gifAs more and more brands get used to using mobile for marketing and CRM, the next logical step will be to move into mobile commerce.

Brandbank has conducted an in-depth survey into the attitudes and expectations of consumers around mobile commerce. They found that smartphone owners are already well advanced, but the rest of the market has a long way to go.

26. 07. 2010.
touchweb.gifOne of the biggest changes that has taken place over the past few years in mobile is the overwhelming number of phones that are based on a touch screen interface. Touch screens have added greatly to the overall customer experience, and it seems certain that this advancement will be with us for a long time.

For the past several years Taptu has pioneered the index and crawling of media specifically designed for touch screen mobile devices. This report provides a detailed view of the current State of the Mobile Touch Web.

26. 07. 2010.
smiley_phone.gifIf people still have doubts about the public acceptance of mobile advertising, a recent market study from JiWire reports that that mobile users overwhelmingly are willing to accept mobile advertising in return for having free applications.

Understanding the trends, consumption patterns, and preferences is key to making good use of a communications medium, and this report looks at not only acceptance of advertising, but also application usage, acceptance of location-based ads, and iPad purchase intent.

13. 07. 2010.
yahoo-go.pngWith 2009 being undoubtedly the year of the mobile app, the search is on to find which technology will become mainstream in 2010.

One such technology is Mobile Widgets and a recent report from ARCchart takes a detailed look into the business case for Mobile Widgets from both a publisher and a mobile operator perspective.

19. 06. 2010.
rhythm_iphone.gifMobile video ad network Rhythm NewMedia has released new research which provides a very good view into the current consumption of video and video ads across the US.

This study addresses factors such as time of day consumption, Wifi consumption, click through rates, and video ad completion rates. Definitely worth downloading and taking a look.

14. 06. 2010.

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