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Less Than A Third Of Online Retailers Have Tablet Optimized Sites

tablet-shopping1.jpgA recent report entitled, Mobile & Tablet e-Commerce: Is anyone really ready?, has found that less than a third of online retailers has a Tablet optimized shopping experience available for their customers.

The report by Zmags, a rich media mobile and social merchandising provider, found that of the top 100 internet shopping sites, most were reliant on their standard web pages to provide an “adequate” experience.

The research also discovered that 68% of the sites have mobile apps, and 59% have a separate, mobile accessible website providing a more simplified platform with only the key features present. However, of the retailers that offer mobile apps to download, only half of these actually allow the consumer to purchase via the app.

W Sean Ford, COO and CMO of Zmags said: “What we discovered, unexpectedly, was that very few retailers – even among this elite group of marketers – are tapping into the full shopping potential of mobile and tablet devices. In fact, not even close to it.”

Ford warned that while only a quarter of retailers are prepared to take a consumer through the checkout on their tablets while 49% of tablet owners plan to shop even more in the next year using their device.

“This reflects a serious disconnect between how consumers want to shop and the inconsistent experiences they are being offered. It’s a crucial issue that retailers need to address before their competitors do.”

The study also found that all of the 100 retailers had Facebook pages but only one (Coldwater Creek) allowed users to purchase directly from there.

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