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vogue-420x348 Amid all the recent discussion about ad-blocking and worries that advertising based business models may fail, one bit of good news shines through.

According to Vogue UK, a new survey shows that over 82% of their readers actively pay attention to ads on their sites, and many value ads as much as the content!

02. 10. 2015.
twitter-logo-roundLast year, Twitter launched the Twitter Publisher Network to help advertisers connect with audiences both on Twitter and in thousands of mobile apps outside of Twitter.

Now, Twitter has announced new features and renamed their service to broaden the appeal to an even wider base of advertisers.

The mobile advertising service is now called Twitter Audience Platform, and it reaches over 700 million people globally.

28. 08. 2015.
facebook_profits2Facebook is one of the biggest technology success stories of the past decade - transforming from a social network with no apparent revenue model to a highly profitable, global phenomena.

In its last quarterly report, Facebook reported almost 1.5 billion monthly users, generating over $4 billion in revenue!

The amazing fact is that most of that revenue growth results from mobile advertising.

28. 08. 2015.
BigDataIoTBig Data and IoT (Internet of Things) are two of the hottest buzzwords in the technology space these days. Follow MurrayNow for more information.

And it turns out that these two new technologies are already being adopted and having an influence on the digital marketing activities of many companies.

If you aren't yet using these in your business - or at least familiar with the trends - perhaps it is time to get started.

27. 08. 2015.
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app_perf_titleRising expectations from digitally sophisticated consumers are putting significant new demands on retailers.

Mobile apps are no longer really optional for leading retailers, having a mobile app is now virtually a necessity. But a new study shows that it's not enough to have just any sort of app - today a consumer's overall view of a retailer is determined by their app experience.

27. 07. 2015.
App-Mktg-Google-headToday's smartphone users are spending an ever increasing amount of their time and attention on mobile apps - it seems the demand for apps is unstoppable.

But although users clearly love apps, it is getting harder and harder for app marketers to get noticed in this highly competitive market.

In order to understand more about the dynamics of app discovery and engagement, Google ran a very interesting study on consumer app acquisition and usage behavior.

22. 07. 2015.
millennial_mom_topThe use of bluetooth enabled "beacons" in retail environments is one of the growing trends in mobile commerce.

As with any new marketing-focused technology, the key question is always "what is the reach?"

A new release from beacon platform company inMarket shows that beacons seem to be reaching a critical mass of addressable consumers.

15. 07. 2015.
iot-mwcA key theme at this years' Mobile World Congress was the rapid emergence of the Internet of Things as key future growth area for product, solution providers and telco operators.

IoT is taking off, and in a big way, evidenced by the massive amount of IoT solutions and applications shown at MWC.

11. 05. 2015.
stack_of_goldFor many years Google has had a seemingly unbreakable hold on internet search, with competitors like as Bing and Yahoo having a hard time making any gains in the marketplace.

However, search on mobile devices is developing into quite a unique proposition, with differences in content, user expectations, and technologies.

Venture Capitalists are now betting that Google might well be vulnerable in this new area of search. And so they are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars of investment into start ups that are targeting mobile search.

06. 05. 2015.
googleSearchTopImageMost people know that Google uses a complex system to determine which results to show from a search query. What some people may not know is that this algorithm gets updated periodically.

In mid-April, Google implemented a major change, one that was focused on the mobile-readiness of websites.

While this may seem to be a small technicality, in fact it can have huge impact on anyone that depends on customers finding them through Google.

28. 04. 2015.
woman-enter-infoMost consumers these days are fairly comfortable shopping online, and storing their credit or debit card information for online payments.

However, these same consumers have not yet become comfortable with storing their card data in mobile apps. Concern about security of the apps has greatly limited their uptake.

28. 04. 2015.
top-brands-on-twitterSocial media marketing has been around for quite some time, and most companies have some appreciation of the benefits of connecting to customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Major brands often put significant resources into developing and fine tuning their social network marketing.

This post looks specifically at how the world's Top 100 Brands use Twitter for marketing - something that many other companies may want to learn from.

06. 02. 2015.
googleBadAdsWith annual advertising revenues approaching US $60 billion, we all know that Google serves a lot of ads each year.

But along with this huge volume of legitimate advertising, there are a lot of "bad ads" that Google has to deal with. For example, "bad ads" might be ads for counterfeit products, ads that lead to malware sites, ads for phishing, etc.

Last year Google blocked 524 million bad ads. This post and infographic give some further detail into this very interesting part of Google's business.

05. 02. 2015.
Over the past couple of years, there have been a number of companies who thought that delivering targeted information to mobile users based on their current location could be a very lucrative business, e.g. companies such FourSquare or Yelp.

Now Facebook has also entered this business with a new service called Place Tips.

The service will initially be based on bluetooth "Beacons" and is being trialled in New York.

04. 02. 2015.
mobile-fraud-pirateAs mobile becomes an increasingly popular channel for purchasing all sorts of goods and services, unfortunately mobile fraud is also rapidly rising.

In 2014, the fraud rate for mobile purchases rose 70% from 2013, reaching a level of 1.36%. And this is despite the fact that more than half of all fraudulent attempts are blocked.

According to the study from LexisNexis, one of the contributing factors is the complexity and variety of alternate payment methods used for mobile commerce.

02. 02. 2015.
crystal_ball-2015Every year at this time, we see many lists predicting the hot trends for the coming 12 months.

This year one of the best and most thoughtful lists we’ve seen comes from Golden Gekko, a leading mobile solutions provider in North America and Europe.

Their forecast identifies 10 key trends that will influence and shape the mobile industry in 2015. Our industry continues to evolve at rapid pace, and this list provides a lot of good "food for thought".

22. 12. 2014.
AppAnnieMagnifyingThere are many reasons why a mobile app publisher may want to understand deeply the profile of their user base: to plan acquisition ads, to steer development efforts, or to help sell advertising to brands.

Based on close to 80 billion app downloads, mobile analytics company App Annie has released a new tool that helps publishers to gain these key insights.

21. 12. 2014.
MarrisaMayerWhen Marissa Mayer took over the CEO spot at Yahoo!, she publicly stated that “Yahoo will have to be a predominantly mobile company.”

“We’re late" she said, "We’re behind."

Now, over two years later, there are signs that Yahoo! is making inroads in the mobile space.
According to new projections from eMarketer, in 2015 Yahoo! should overtake Twitter to become the third largest mobile advertising platform in the US.

21. 12. 2014.
FitAd-LogoIt looks like one of the biggest trends in the next couple of years may be a huge growth in the usage of mobile devices and wearables for fitness & health.

Hoping to capitalize on that growth, New York startup FitAd has launched a mobile ad platform that promises to deliver a "curated audience" to brands, and maximized ad revenues to specialty publishers.

18. 12. 2014.
mobile-vs-salesmanIn a further sign that an effective mobile presence is now absolute requirement for retailers - even predominantly brick and mortar stores - a recent study has found that a majority of shoppers would prefer to get product information through their phone rather than by speaking to a live sales assistant.

17. 12. 2014.
please-click-me-200x305Mobile apps versus mobile web: which has better engagement, which do customers prefer, which is better for advertising - the debate seems to go on forever.

A recent study from Medialets tries to answer at least the advertising part of this question.

Based on over 300 billion ad data points from the first 6 months of 2014, this report shows that mobile apps yield a much higher CTR than web!

17. 09. 2014.
twitter-commerceFor the past several years, Twitter has been used by many brands as a great way to keep in contact with their customers, build loyalty, and spread the brand message.

Now Twitter may take on a new role for companies, as the site makes moves to become a true m-commerce powerhouse.

14. 09. 2014.
mobile_shoppingOver the past couple of years, we've seen an inexorable rise in the use of mobile devices for commerce, including price comparisons, stock checking, product feature research, and actually purchasing.

Now new research has shown that mobile has truly reached the "tipping point" for mobile commerce in the UK, with over 50% of traffic to retail sites coming from mobile devices.

And what's more, over 1/3 of all online purchases are now made over mobile as well!

04. 09. 2014.
qr_code_logoQR Codes have been a piece of the mobile marketing world for quite awhile, and we have reported on them extensively over the years.

Now that smartphones have become the most popular device in many countries, QR codes are even more attractive to marketers.

Here is an infographic from Unitag which shows the benefits of using QR codes, what customers expect from, and more.

14. 08. 2014.
shazam_logoShazam - the song recognition app that is used by 100 million people per month - is making an even stronger push to link TV and Mobile viewing.

The company has recently launching a new advertising platform, Resonate, as well as signing partnerships with some key US TV networks including A+E, AMC, Dick Clark, and others.

10. 08. 2014.
anina_mobile_techAt the GSMA's Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai recently, a special event highlighted how cutting-edge technologies are gradually penetrating the fashion industry.

This was the first event in China which demonstrated how such technologies - including 3D printing, wearable tech, and clothing robots - can be integrated with innovative fashion design, unveiling the hot points and latest trends in the integration of the fashion and technology industries. You can also follow glenoriegrowers to check all the latest trends and updates.

06. 08. 2014.
mobile-growth-chartContinued rapid growth of both digital and mobile advertising means that soon mobile advertising will overtake all other media to become the top advertising channel in the UK.

This interesting forecast by eMarketer may surprise you!

17. 07. 2014.
mobileAppMarketingMobile App Marketing is becoming a big business, and the entry of Twitter into this market will only accelerate it even further.

This is a topic that will become ever more important to marketers. Here is an infographic and a white paper that explain The Essentials of Mobile App Marketing as well as highlighting some of the benefits of using of social media for mobile app marketing.

17. 07. 2014.
twitter-mobile-appOne of Facebook's most important revenue streams is the advertising of mobile apps, helping developers convince users to download their new apps. Recently Twitter began offering a similar service, allowing app developers access to Twitter's 250 million users across the world.

14. 07. 2014.
worldcup-mobile-usAs World Cup fever spreads around the world, it is a good time to take a look and see how important a role mobile is now playing for fans.

As it turns out, the number 1 country for World Cup mobile usage is the US!

A recent study from Vdopia explains just how widespread mobile engagement with the World Cup is, with millions of fans participating through apps, paid video, and "second screen" content.

09. 07. 2014.
firephone-bezosAfter many months of speculation and unending rumors, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, unveiled the Amazon Fire Phone last week.

While the phone has some interesting new features - such as a 3D display and automatic product recognition - the significance is much more likely to be in the impact it has on mobile commerce and mobile retail.

26. 06. 2014.
mobile-searchThe number of people who are regularly searching on smartphones is rocketing, in-line with the explosive growth of mobile devices around the world.

Currently, around one quarter of all searches now come from mobile devices.

This infographic takes a look at the statistics around mobile search, and shows when, where and how users are performing their searches.

25. 06. 2014.
showrooming-2Many people in the retail sector have recently become aware of - and worried about - the trend known as "Show-rooming". This is when a consumer comes to a retail location to look at and try a product before later purchasing the same product online.

Now a new trend has been identified - "Web-rooming". This is the exact opposite of show-rooming, and in fact appears to be more popular.

This infographic explains the phenomenon, and suggests the best ways for retailers to take advantage of this situation.

24. 06. 2014.
ad-networkToday there are now many, many mobile ad networks that can bring value to a publisher's ad inventory. Choosing a good mobile ad network can be an important decision, not only for the revenue that can be generated, but also for the ease of integration and the resources that will be required to implement it.

Here are 5 key factors that you should consider carefully when deciding which mobile ad network to use.

24. 06. 2014.
fb-thumb-ads.gifDetails of Facebook's new mobile advertising network are now starting to come out, and it appears that this could have a major impact for the industry.

Called Facebook Audience Network, this new service has the potential to increase ad revenues for publishers, while increasing ad effectiveness for brands.

28. 05. 2014.
paypal-samsungMobile commerce is all about making things easier and more convenient for customers.

Payment is often seen as a difficult step in commerce, so in recent years a lot of effort has been going into finding new and better ways to allow customers to pay.

Now PayPal and Starbucks are piloting a new payment scheme that may be the easiest ever, and it is based around the new Gear 2 smartwatch from Samsung.

26. 05. 2014.
gaming-opportunity.jpgSeveral recent studies have confirmed that gaming continues to dominate as one of the most popular activities on mobile, and therefore represents a clear opportunity for marketers.

According to one, nearly 70% of tablet owners currently use their device to play games which many buy it here, it predicted that over 50% of the US population will actively play games on their mobile device by 2015.

13. 04. 2014.
monitise_header.pngOne thing is certain about the world of mobile commerce and marketing - companies need to be able to adapt quickly and exploit new opportunities as they appear, or else they risk becoming obsolete.

One company that is doing just this is Monitise, a company that began in mobile banking, but now has grown to support mobile payments and mobile commerce. And soon, Monitise intends to turn banks in a "media channel".

11. 04. 2014.
zample_header.pngOne of the top objectives of advertisers has always been to increase the relevance of a particular ad to the specific consumer who is receiving the ad.

Zample is a new start-up that is helping brands increase the relevance of their advertising by listening to - and automatically recognizing - the media which surrounds a consumer. This information can have great value for mobile app publishers, and may spawn some interesting new marketing services.

07. 04. 2014.
social_media_logos.gifAt last some concrete evidence confirming a trend that has seemed likely.

A recent study has shown that, compared with older generations, the buying habits of Millennials are significantly more influenced by their friends' social media activities.

06. 04. 2014.
twitter-clicktocall-title.jpgTwitter has started a trial of Click to Call by allowing advertisers to include this feature in their sponsored tweets.

This option will enable consumers to speak directly to the brand, and will be "particularly appealing to direct response advertisers looking to generate leads, drive app downloads, collect consumers’ email addresses and induce incoming calls from customers,” according to Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s VP of global online sales.

31. 03. 2014.
media-mix.jpgWe read so many numbers each day about the size of the advertising market, the size of the display market, the size of the mobile market, etc etc. Some times it is hard to keep them straight and get perspective on how they relate.

Here is a very easy to understand infographic from eMarketer that puts all the basic stats about the US ad market in one place. Check it out!

27. 03. 2014.
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mobile-email.pngThis is a topic that we don't often feature, but marketing by mobile email is becoming increasingly important.

A recent study by Yesmail interactive has shown that the percentage of consumers interacting with email exclusively on mobile devices is now over half (52%), and the growth rate of mobile generated orders is triple that for desktop PC's.

18. 03. 2014.
divergent.jpgAmerican Film distributor, Lionsgate, has announced that as part of their marketing efforts for upcoming film Divergent they will run an advanced mobile campaign to target customers in shopping malls.

Lionsgate has frequently been a leading proponent of using mobile to market their films.

18. 03. 2014.
pinterest-logo.jpgAccording to research published by Piqora, mobile revenue from Pinterest users is climbing dramatically.

Retailers and brands using Pinterest saw a 224% increase in mobile revenue in January 2014 compared to a year earlier.

18. 03. 2014.
fb-thumb-ads.gifFacebook has announced a new set of targeting options for advertisers wishing to engage with Facebook’s users.

The options are designed to allow more flexibility for advertisers wanting to target by location, demographic, interest or behaviour.

18. 03. 2014.
mwc-2014-awards.pngRecently 85,000 people transformed Barcelona into the veritable mobile capital of the world. There was so much going on - from the growth of mobile payments to IoT to mobile marketing - that we have written a special MWC 2014 Wrapup.

One of the highlights of the show is always the Global Mobile Awards. Here below is a complete list of the companies and projects that took home the prizes this year.

13. 03. 2014.
roi.jpgA study released late last year by Nanigans has revealed that mobile Facebook ads on iOS generate up to 1,790% higher ROI than similar ads run on Android!

Nanigans is one of the biggest buyers of Facebook ads, and this conclusion was reached based on a study of more than 200 billion mobile Facebook ads.

31. 01. 2014.
africa_globe.gifOver the past few years, Africa is experiencing a resurgence, especially in the area of mobile services. Africa contains some of the world's fastest growing economies, and the mobile sector is an essential contributor of this growth.

MEF Africa is releasing a series of country specific market reports - the first of which highlights Kenya, home of the phenomenally successful m-Pesa payment system!

31. 01. 2014.
gma14-logo.gifEvery year the GSMA runs the Global Mobile Awards contest, which honors excellence and innovation across the mobile industry.

Selected by a judging panel of independent experts, analysts, journalists, and academics (including MobiAD's Jim Cook), here is a full list of the short-listed nominees, some of the best apps, services, and products in the world of mobile!

30. 01. 2014.
2014-rising-graph.jpgMobile marketing and advertising seem to have been growing rapidly in the past few years in terms of technical capabilities, creative ideas, and user acceptance.

Now new information from the IAB UK shows that advertising budgets are also making a major shift towards mobile, with 15% of 2014's digital spend expected to go to mobile activities.

08. 01. 2014.
Twitter is certainly one of the hottest topics in the past week, having just completed a very successful IPO that valued the company at almost $25 billion on the first day of trading.

So we thought it would be a good time to review Twitter's activities in the area of mobile advertising, where much of its revenue is expected to come from.

This article also takes a look at Amplify, a special advertising program that Twitter has created to monetize the second screen TV experience. Amplify has recently been adopted by the major brands such as NFL, Verizon, and McDonalds.

13. 11. 2013.
mobile_shopping.jpgAn interesting piece of research from Millward Brown Digital has looked into consumers shopping habits and compared them on the mobile and PC platforms.

The research shows that mobile shopping is more transactional than PC shopping which is mainly used for research.

10. 11. 2013.
facebook-revenue-small.jpgFacebook surprised the mobile industry last quarter by announcing that mobile revenue represented 41% of total Q2 ad revenues.

Now third quarter figures have shown a further increase, with mobile representing almost half of Facebook's rapidly growing advertising revenue.

09. 11. 2013.
paypal-ble.jpgMobile Retail is a hot area now, with merchants and technology providers around the world looking for ways to improve the engagement of customers in retail stores.

PayPal, one of the world's leading payments companies has recently announced Beacon, a new mobile retail product based on Bluetooth, which could lead to much smoother interaction in store.

01. 11. 2013.
ipad-gladiator3.jpgVideo ads are proving to be an increasingly effective means of communicating with consumers.

However, with consumers now able to view video on smartphones, tablets, PC's and TV, the question arises as to which platform is the most effective.

This study from IPG Media answers that question clearly: the Tablet is an Awareness Machine like no other.

09. 10. 2013.
groupon_mobile.jpgDaily deals pioneer Groupon, has announced that it is now getting nearly half of its revenues from purchases made via a mobile device, with less than 40% coming from the original direct email approach.

During its quarterly earnings call, CEO Eric Lefkofsky said that Groupon was “uniquely positioned to lead in the world of mobile commerce."

08. 10. 2013.
renew_title.jpgA very unique advertising service has recently run a test program which uses mobile wifi to track individual pedestrians as they walk down the street.

Although it clearly raises some issues around privacy, such technology would certainly open up some very interesting opportunities in marketing.

06. 10. 2013.
This story is less about mobile advertising and marketing specifically, but more about the overall perception of value in the marketplace.

For many years, the Coca-Cola brand was commonly viewed as the top brand in the world. However this year, for the first time, Apple has now overtaken Coke and is rated as the world's most valuable brand. Take a look at who else made the list.

04. 10. 2013.
bbc-mobile.gifPrior to this summer the BBC had made it clear that it saw mobile as an important part of its business in the future.

However it looks like the future may be coming sooner than expected, as figures for this summer's big sports events show that the shift in how consumers watch their favorite sports has already started.

19. 09. 2013.
smart-tv.gifAccording to consulting firm Strategy Analytics, early adopters of Smart TV’s have given them the "Thumbs Down" as viewers prefer to use tablets and Smartphones in order to access online media.

This could be bad news for TV makers who have been trying to make the TV into a device that takes care of all browsing and media needs.

18. 09. 2013.
smartphonecoins.gifAcross the UK, small and medium enterprises (SME's) are missing billions of pounds of revenue by letting marketing efforts slip off their radar.

However, almost half are already implementing mobile marketing, and even more have plans to.

18. 09. 2013.
vente-prive-2.jpgVente-prive is a global pioneer and leader retailer in "flash-sales", i.e. selling branded overstock items to their members.

Mobile commerce is a natural fit with flash-sales, as there is often a need to react quickly to sales.

Recently Vente-privee released figures which showed just how important the mobile channel is in various European countries.

12. 09. 2013.
coupon_woman.jpgA recent study published by BI Intelligence has showed that advertisers are getting fantastic results from Mobile Coupon Campaigns.

The study predicts that that the number of US mobile coupons users will increase to 47 million next year, compared with just over 7 million just 3 years ago in 2010.

10. 08. 2013.
path2purchase.gifUK consumers who use their phones for search tend to take a longer time for research compared to US-based consumers, but their purchase intent is very high, with over half reporting they had eventually made the purchase.

This and many other interesting facets of UK mobile shopping behavior are highlighted in "Path-to-Purchase" infographic.

08. 08. 2013.
prefetch-empty-battery.gifMore and more these days, mobile apps are "free" to download, and supported by advertising that is shown at the beginning and throughout the app.

But a recent study shows that in fact these in-app ads consume a lot of energy, and can be a serious drain on the already limited battery life of a mobile device.

02. 08. 2013.
home_depot.jpgAmerican superstore-chain Home Depot is focusing much of its efforts on increasing mobile spending, its chief marketing officer Trish Mueller announced at the recent mobile marketing conference.

The company, which has been a long-term and early-adopter of mobile technology within its marketing currently targets customers via a six-pronged mobile approach: web, apps, search, social media, email, and advertising.

02. 08. 2013.
woman_shopping.jpgMobile shopping for women, it seems, still involves visits to real stores.

A study by ResearchNow found that the majority of women shopping for clothes (90%) still prefer physically shopping for the purpose of trying on clothes and seeing them in person. This is despite the fact that 84% say they can’t stand the crowds associated with shopping!

02. 08. 2013.
Mobile Marketing has usually been an "early adopter" of all new mobile technologies: agencies and brands have been good at figuring out how some new technology can be used to increase engagement, demand attention, or build loyalty (think about AR, mobile apps, accelerometers, location, etc.)

Here is a really interesting new technology demonstration from Google, showing off one of the features of HTML 5 that is in Chrome. We don't think we've seen this in a mobile marketing campaign yet, but we're sure some innovative agency will start soon!

22. 06. 2013.
android_virus2.gifDozens of Android apps have been found to be infected with a virus, it has emerged. The malware, named BadNews, has been discovered in 32 apps on the Google Play store, from four different developers. The effected apps have been downloaded between two and nine million times, according to Google Play statistics - although not all of these downloads will be the malware-infected versions.

20. 06. 2013.
starbucks-iphone2.gifStarbucks is the latest corporation to report big successes in its mobile payment transactions, averaging over three million a week in the United States.

The coffee giant is hoping to attract further use of the system over the coming months, with a number of promotions - most notably, a rewards system that’ll earn customers points for each transaction made via mobile.

20. 06. 2013.
ebay-190×154.gifWhile eBay’s first quarter results may have been a disappointment for some, the company dispelled fears in the mobile community with figures pointing to massively increased numbers of mobile users.

The auction site gained roughly 2.8 million new mobile users in that period. And the company saying it expects to generate around $20 billion each from mobile commerce and mobile payments this year.

20. 06. 2013.
survey_smartphone.gifWe all know that smartphones are involved in a rapidly increasing share of our daily activities: from social interactions on Facebook, photo-taking and sharing, m-commerce, to playing games, mobile touches all parts of our life. This infographic from New Relic points out some very interesting facts about how consumers are using the 1 billion smartphones in the world.

29. 05. 2013.
twitter-amex.jpgMobile Commerce seems to be going through a growth phase were many new approaches are being tried to see what consumers will like.

Recently venerable American Express partnered with social media powerhouse Twitter to let consumers purchase simply using #hashtags!

20. 05. 2013.
retarting_mobile.gifRetargeting is a fascinating and scarily effective marketing tool that has been used for customers buying online through desktops for some time. However, until recently, it was absent from mobile.

In this guest article, Simon Wajcenberg, Global CEO of Clash Group explains why this is now available, and what this ground-breaking development means for marketers and their brands.

17. 04. 2013.
facebook_profits2.gifFacebook has reported its first profit since the company's IPO last year. At that point, Facebook saw its stock plummet in its opening day. And for the two consecutive quarters afterwards, Facebook was operating at a loss.

Now, for the first time, they've reported a net income of $64 million - citing their increased focus on mobile platforms for the turnaround.

17. 04. 2013.
100payment.gifAndroid app developers looking to make a bit more money need search no more: a partnership between Electronic Arts Chillingo division and Samsung is offering them 100% of revenue on their work.

17. 04. 2013.
sms_for_apps.gifHow often do you send SMS messages any more? With a whole host of alternative (and, more importantly, free to use) messaging services like Whatsapp, iMessage and Viber, it can often feel like a redundant platform.

However, a new report from mobile interaction specialists Tyntec highlights the potential and importance of text-based marketing, especially for app developers that are trying to build an audience and demand for their app.

17. 04. 2013.
shoppers_like_sites.gifAs part of the ongoing quest to make retailers see the light and offer decent mobile support for online shopping, a new study has revealed something that should make developers stop and think for a little while: two thirds of smartphone shoppers would rather use a mobile-optimised site than a specific app to buy online.Get the full study here.

16. 04. 2013.
googleenhancedcamp.gifIn 2012, Google's advertising revenues were more than $40 billion, and the bulk of that was earned from their AdWords product.

Now Google has completely upgraded this key product to better focus on mobile and the rapidly growing multi-screen consumer behavior.

15. 03. 2013.
Earlier this week in Austin, Texas, the winners of the 2013 SXSW Accelerator competition were announced.

The seven winning companies represent the best innovation categories such as Mobile, Gaming, Social, Health, News, Web, plus The Best Bootstrap Company.

14. 03. 2013.
mwc2013-logo.jpgRecently we spent a week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - the world's largest event dedicated to everything mobile.

Although the show has been going for many years, it is still the best place to be if you want to see what is happening in the mobile business, and have a chance to meet those that are making it happen.

Here is a brief wrap up of some of the show highlights.

11. 03. 2013.
goldenarches.jpgOver in Australia, one of the world's largest brands is using advanced mobile technology on smartphones in a terrific way.

AR, GPS, and Image Recognition all combine to give customers better information about the source of their food products.

06. 03. 2013.
tablet-ecommerce.jpg2012 was a great year for infographics about mobile advertising, and this one from the folks over at Miva Merchant is no exception.

The e-commerce piece, subtitled - Portrait of a tablet shopper - provides a real eye-opener into tablet users' purchasing power. And if these statistics don't motivate retailers to optimize their sites for tablet use, then it seems there's little hope to save them.

06. 03. 2013.
globalmobile2013.gifThis week in Barcelona the GSMA announced the winners of the 2013 Global Mobile Awards.

The Global Mobile Awards are given annually, and offer organisations across the global mobile eco-system the opportunity to showcase the latest and best mobile products, apps, services and initiatives to the world.

01. 03. 2013.
shazam_tv2.jpgMillions of people use Shazam on their smartphones to identify songs they hear playing.

But did you know that for the past 2 years, Shazam has also been used to make TV ads interactive?

Here is an update from Shazam on the most most popular adverts, as well as some advice for effective 2nd screen advertising.

18. 02. 2013.
ipad_ad_unit.gifDespite the fact a huge number of us now carry a smartphone in our pocket, mobile advertisers have their sights set higher: the iPad has become the most in-demand platform for the industry.

A new study from mobile ad exchange MoPub showed that while ad prices overall rose 50% in Q4 2012, Android prices went up 54%, iOS ad prices across the board rose 66% with iPad prices being the highest of all.

27. 01. 2013.
sme_toolbox_small.gifOne of last year's more impressive infographics came from the folks at Formstack, the appropriately titled 'Toolbox of the small business marketing cycle'. Melbourne weekly eastern is awesome site who provides latest updates of business world. The infograph looks at each of the five steps of the marketing cycle, and provides information, recommendations and tools for each stage. Check it out, there are a number of gems for the marketing-savvy small business owner.

25. 01. 2013.
medium_70290992897.pngMobile optimization is the most exciting digital opportunity for marketers in 2013, according to new research by Econsultancy.

For several years the mobile industry has been pushing brands to accept the necessity to present a great presence over the mobile channel. But only now this seems to have become accepted by marketers, as 43% agreed that mobile optimization was this year's top priority.

23. 01. 2013.
3screens_superbowl.gifIn just 10 days from now the US Superbowl football game will take place in New Orleans. Over the years, the Superbowl has become a showcase for TV advertising, with audiences over 150 million people and ad prices up to US$4 million for a 30 second spot!

2013 is the second year that the game is being streamed live on the internet, and the ad inventory for this "second screen" has been moving rapidly. And some brands, such as Coca-Cola, are working hard to involve multiple screens in their campaigns.

23. 01. 2013.
tadaainstgram2.gifDo consumers really "vote with their feet"? Absolutely.

An iOS photo editing and sharing app has seen its user base rise nearly half a million following the fall-out from Instagram's controversial new Terms of Service announced last month.

16. 01. 2013.
4g-transmitter.gifA recent report by research firm Wireless Intelligence has found that half of all mobile connections worldwide would run on 3G or 4G networks by 2017.

This would represent a doubling of today’s figure (1.7 billion) and would represent around 4.25 billion out of the 8.5 billion connections anticipated in 2017.

16. 01. 2013.
social_media_logos.gifFor most mobile and internet shopping sites, the first step in using social media was to add a "Like" or "Follow Us" button to certain pages.

Not a bad start, but now there are much more powerful ways to use social media to drive mobile and online sales. This infographic looks at two key strategies for building commerce through social media.

15. 01. 2013.
facebook-logo1.gifOver the past year, the mobile industry has followed with great interest the progress of mobile advertising on social media site Facebook.

A new report from Facebook now confirms that mobile advertising is becoming a major source of revenue for the company.

15. 01. 2013.
iphone-christmasgift.gifOver the past several years, the Monday following Thanksgiving has been called "Cyber Monday" in the US, as this is the day that many people start their online shopping for Christmas.

With more and more consumers preferring to use mobile for online commerce, Cyber Monday also provides a good measure of the growth of m-commerce, and 2012 proved the importance of mobile.

19. 12. 2012.
facebook-twitter-mobile-2.jpgMany people expected that social networks and mobile would be a natural combination, but now the numbers are in.

According to recent statistics from comScore, in the US during September, over 50% of Facebook's and Twitter's unique users logged on via their mobile device!

19. 12. 2012.
smartphones-3.gifMarket research firm comScore has released their latest MobiLens figures on the state of the US Smartphone market.

This new report shows that while Samsung continues to lead the US market with 26.3% share of US subscribers, Apple at 17.8% has managed to pass LG and now holds second place.

17. 12. 2012.
amazon_android.gifOne of the key tools for online marketing has always been A/B testing, enabling marketers to use the flexibility of the web to rapidly test and improve ads, offers, layouts, etc.

Now Amazon has announced that it is launching a new A/B testing feature on its Amazon app platform, with the goal of attracting more Android developers to bring their apps to Amazon’s platform.

17. 12. 2012.
vocre_translate.gifJapan’s biggest mobile operator, NTT Docomo, have launched a new app that allows real-time translation enabling Japanese to speak to foreigners over the phone with both users speaking in their native tongue.

10. 11. 2012.
facebook-logo1.gifIt has been a challenging year for Facebook, with a disappointing IPO and second quarter results.

But finally Facebook has some good news, with their third quarter results showing that they are starting to figure out how to make money from Mobile.

10. 11. 2012.

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