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Home Depot continuing to increase its focus on mobile

home_depot.jpgAmerican superstore-chain Home Depot is focusing much of its efforts on increasing mobile spending, its chief marketing officer Trish Mueller announced at the recent mobile marketing conference.

The company, which has been a long-term and early-adopter of mobile technology within its marketing currently targets customers via a six-pronged mobile approach: web, apps, search, social media, email, and advertising.

To date, its primary mobile app has been downloaded well over 3.5 million times. The company’s return on investment (ROI) from mobile search has now surpassed that of desktop search, an impressive feat in itself.

One of Home Depot’s key areas of expansion is in mobile video, for which Mueller announced spending had been quadrupled from the previous years.

The company is also ramping up its advertising efforts on audio sites such as Pandora to ensure broad coverage across the board.

Mueller also said the company was continuing to experiment with possible uses for augmented reality (AR) technology, an increasingly commonplace aspect of such marketing.

At the moment, Home Depot’s use of AR extends only to the ability to see what a landscaped area would look like – but it’s undoubtedly something that will expand over time.
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