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Thanks very much for your interest in advertising with MobiAD News. This page will give you some general information about the publication, our readership, and various advertising possibilities. For further information, please contact us at advertising (at) mobiadnews (dot) com.

About MobiAD News

MobiAD News is intended for all professionals who have an interest in mobile advertising, mobile marketing, and mobile commerce. We cover a wide variety of companies and locations, and our readers are true decision makers in this new, evolving industry.

MobiAD News is the one publication that addresses the cross industry issues in a meaningful way. As such, it’s a great vehicle to communicate your message to these groups.

MobiAD Newsletter

The MobiAD newsletter comes out a minimum of once per month, and covers the latest news and events, plus points readers to new material on the website.

Audience Profile

The primary readership of MobiAD News is at an executive level – Director, VP, CMO, CEO. We are the voice of the mobile industry towards brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators, technology companies, and mobile publishers.

Here are some example companies who are using MobiAD News:


MobiAD News Reach

MobiAD News has both an online presence and a newsletter.

  • Web readership is constantly growing, we currently we have about 55,000 visits per month.
  • The newsletter goes out twice a month to 10,000 executives from over 3,000 companies representing all sectors of the value chain.
  • MobiAD has approximately 4,000 twitter followers.

Geographically, MobiAD News has global coverage of news, and a global reach of readers.There is a concentration in EMEA (50%) and North America (30%) as all content is in English, but APAC (20%) is growing.

Sponsored Research

We find that our audience is in need of deep market information. Several of our partners have generated very good leads when they placed white papers or market information on the site and provided a sign up procedure to collect email addresses of readers requesting the document.

Why MobiAD News?

If your objective is to communicate with the top players in the world of mobile advertising, marketing, and commerce, MobiAD News is the best vehicle to do this. We are a targeted, focused online publication that is read by the key people in this business – whether from the Agency, Brand, Content, Mobile, or Media sector. We can put together a sponsorship package that will meet your needs.

Thanks again for reading MobiAD News, for further information about advertising, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

advertising (at) mobiadnews (dot) com.

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