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programmatic-adsA key takeaway from the Cannes Lions advertising conference earlier this year was the emergence of programmatic as no longer a dirty word within the industry.

It is no surprise! According to a report just released from BI intelligence, programmatic will account for over $18.2 billion in U.S. digital ad revenues in 2018, up from just $3.1 billion in 2013.

So why is it creating such waves within the industry? Read this analysis to find out. Industry Opinion by Charlie Faulkner, head of EMEA and APAC,

07. 09. 2014.
facebook_buy_button_logoLast week, Facebook announced it’s testing a new advertising unit in its Marketplace that will feature a “buy now” button in the ad.

It’s no secret that Facebook is a digital advertising behemoth. eMarketer predicts Facebook will serve over 21% of all mobile ads this year, which earns Facebook the number two spot in all digital ad sales, second only to Google.

That being said, Facebook “buy now” ads simply won’t work. Here’s why. Industry Opinion by David Rekuc, Ripen eCommerce

01. 08. 2014.
paypal-samsungMobile commerce is all about making things easier and more convenient for customers.

Payment is often seen as a difficult step in commerce, so in recent years a lot of effort has been going into finding new and better ways to allow customers to pay.

Now PayPal and Starbucks are piloting a new payment scheme that may be the easiest ever, and it is based around the new Gear 2 smartwatch from Samsung.

26. 05. 2014.
china-flag-phone.gifBy Alvin Wang Graylin, CEO of mInfo Inc

China is by far the largest mobile market in the world with over 800 million active subscribers, over 250 million mobile internet users and over 200 million new handsets sold each year.

Even at this scale, the growth hasn’t slowed, with 8 to 10 million new subscribers are still being added each month (the size of a medium size operator in many countries!)

Having a basic understanding of this massive market - with its huge potential for advertising - is important for everyone that is involved in the mobile marketing industry.

20. 11. 2010.
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monaelesseily-lg.jpgAn interesting two part article was recently published in Search Engine Land explaining how to maximise ROI in mobile paid search.

The article, written by Mona Elesseily, VP of Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media, outlines differences between traditional paid search and mobile paid search and explains how they lead to a difference in value of keywords, the difference in targeting options, and an increased importance of being in the first couple of results.

11. 09. 2010.
life_is_local.gifLast week an interesting article was published in Media Post suggesting that LBS was set to increase its share of local advertising spend substantially over the next few years.

The article, contributed by Dave Morgan, CEO of New York Based TV marketing agency Simulmedia and previously founder of TACODA, suggests that LBS will take between 20% and 25% of the ad revenue of local media by 2014!

13. 08. 2010.
msft_crystalball.jpgOver the past several months, as the battle for the future of the mobile marketplace has heated up, much of the conversation has focused on Apple and Google, while less attention has been paid to the other two giants in this area - Microsoft and Nokia.

In this article, we'll look at some of the recent moves by Microsoft related to mobile and mobile advertising to see what may be in store for this high profile company.

They have a long track record of success in technology businesses and big ambitions in the mobile area, but given their recent missteps in mobile, time may be running out.

27. 07. 2010.
Grameenphone case study:
An interview with Kazi Islam

grameenphone_lady3c.jpgAt MobiAD News, we usually look primarily at the business impact of mobile marketing and mobile services. But there is another trend, perhaps even more important, which is the critical role that mobile can play in reaching the billions of people in emerging regions that are not yet connected via internet.

This week Ferhan and Jim Cook had the pleasure of speaking with Kazi Islam, CEO of Grameenphone IT about the amazing projects they are working on in Bangladesh. In this interview, Kazi talks about his vision of how mobile can be used to address issues such as health and education in emerging nations, as well as the important role that mobile advertising will play.

Kazi will also be a keynote speaker at MLOVE, taking place June 23-25 in Berlin.

08. 06. 2010.
graph_upward.gifWith so much competition in the App Store, trying to get your new app noticed, let alone downloaded and used more than once is an ongoing challenge for marketers.

Russell Berry from AppCreatives shares his strategies that may do the trick for you!

04. 06. 2010.
orange-segments.gifInterview with Xavier Perret VP Advertising Solutions, Orange

Orange is one of the leading mobile operator groups in the world, and over the past several years they have been very active in the area of mobile advertising and marketing.

We recently met with Xavier Perret, VP of Advertising Solutions at Orange, who talked about Orange's mobile advertising strategy and explained how their fundamental approach is based on segmentation-segmentation-segmentation.

19. 05. 2010.
luke-closeup.jpgLuke Janssen is the Founder and CEO of TigerSpike, a leading global mobile agency.

A major point of discussion with TigerSpike clients these days - especially those with smaller budgets - is the best strategy for mobile apps.

In this article Luke shares the advice he has been giving his clients about why apps are important, and which platforms are key.

13. 04. 2010.
japan_android.gifIt is common knowledge that Japan leads the way in the development of mobile value added services. But with an already saturated mobile sector, what are the chances of a western Operating System making it big in Japan?

According to an article by Levi Shapiro published in RCR Wireless, they are pretty good. He explains that Japan’s saturated market means that operators are forced to innovate in order to try and gain market share.

13. 04. 2010.
inmobi-man2.jpgInMobi is one of the world's largest and fastest growing global mobile ad networks.

The company was founded just 3 years ago by three Indian entrepreneurs. It is now active in over 35 markets and processes over 7.5 billion ad requests per month.

Growing a company this quickly in a market that is evolving as fast as mobile advertising is not an easy task. We spoke recently with Naveen Tewari, CEO and founder of InMobi about InMobi's 2-stage strategy for growth, as well as the key changes that he sees coming to the global mobile advertising market.

08. 03. 2010.
mmm-logos.gifTwo years ago it was announced as a concept, but now it is going live.

The GSMA, in partnership with the top 5 UK mobile operators - O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and 3UK - has announced the official launch of Mobile Media Metrics (MMM), a census-level solution for mobile media reporting.

Lack of good mobile media metrics has often been cited as contributing to the slow growth of mobile advertising, but this program should go a long ways towards solving that problem.

04. 02. 2010.
valuechain.gifSmart phones make it easy for ad networks to bypass the mobile operator. A major bonus for advertisers is that this eliminates the cost of sharing revenue with mobile operators, and a major bonus for technology providers is that it eliminates the effort to integrate with a mobile operator’s infrastructure.

However, there may be some key advertising benefits that only a mobile operator can provide. In this article, Mark Westling, Founder and CTO of Sigma Limited argues that there are several compelling reasons to include the operator as part of the value chain.

30. 01. 2010.
dali_clock-bigger.gifAs 2009 winds down and we all take a well-earned break, it is interesting to look back at the past year and reflect on the changes that have occurred.

Some were expected and some came as a complete surprise. But overall, despite the worst global economic crisis in over 50 years, mobile advertising and marketing continued to advance at a rapid pace.

So here is our take on five of the most interesting developments of 2009, and five that we think will be important for 2010.

31. 12. 2009.
ar-iphone-leader-170.jpgSometimes a new technology will suddenly hit a magic "tipping point", and all of a sudden you read about it everywhere - news sites, blogs, conferences, your friends, etc.

These days, it looks as though Mobile Augmented Reality has reached that tipping point and has now become one of the hottest topics in the mobile arena.

It's already clear that mobile AR will have many applications in the area of mobile advertising and marketing, so we thought it would be a good time to take a more detailed look at the current state of this exciting new technology and the ways it can be used to create consumer engagement.

11. 12. 2009.
vf_iphone_final4.gifVodafone was one of the first major mobile operators to commit serious resources to mobile advertising.

The industry has grown and changed a lot since then, and Vodafone’s strategy has also evolved, culminating with some major announcements recently about applications, network services, and Vodafone 360.

We took the opportunity of these announcements to visit Vodafone's new offices in London to get some further detail on these plans as well as an update on Vodafone’s overall strategy towards mobile advertising and marketing.

16. 10. 2009.
mike_wehrs.gifRecently the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) held their annual European conference in Berlin. Close to 200 people attended to learn about mobile marketing and to discuss future developments in the industry.

In this opinion article, Mike Wehrs, CEO of the MMA talks about the key results of the conference.

20. 09. 2009.
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comverse_guy.jpgGuy Yaniv - VP and General Manager
Messaging and Mobile Advertising, Comverse

As the mobile advertising industry has developed, the proper role for mobile operators has been a great topic of discussion.

In this article, Guy Yaniv from Comverse discusses the reasons he believes the mobile operators must get more involved in mobile advertising, and suggests several ways that they can more actively participate.

04. 09. 2009.
blyk_orange_275.jpgToday Blyk and Orange UK announced a partnership that marks the end of Blyk's initial operations as an MVNO, but perhaps is the beginning of a more scalable, sustainable, long-term strategy.

At the end of August, Blyk will be closing down its MVNO operations in the UK, and focusing instead on a partnership with Orange. We had a chance to speak with Pekka Ala-Pietilä, CEO and co-founder of Blyk, and Marc Overton, VP of Wholesale, Business Development & Partnerships at Orange about the details and the strategy behind this major announcement.

27. 07. 2009.
cole-face_2502.gifHave you ever wished that you could really understand how people used the internet today, how they interact with various media, and what impact the trends we see today will have in the future?

For the past 15 years, the Center for the Digital Future at USC has been studying exactly these issues. In this interview, we talk with Jeffrey Cole, Director of the Center on a range of topics, including the evolving media habits of teenagers and the emerging "new rules" for advertising and marketing.

30. 06. 2009.
foxmobile_logo_big.gif The Fox Mobile Group is part of News Corporation, one of the largest media companies in the world. News Corp owns such well know assets as 20th Century Fox film, FOX TV broadcasting, National Geographic cable channel, part of B Sky B and Sky Italia, newspapers such as The Times and The Sun in the UK, The Wall Street Journal, and social networking site MySpace.

With such a wealth and diversity of media assets, understanding how to monetize them in new channels such as mobile is very important. In this interview, we talk with Mauro Montanaro, CEO of Fox Mobile Group about branded content, mobile advertising, and how Fox is setup to take advantage of this emerging distribution channel.

01. 06. 2009.
turkcell_logo.gifThe Turkish mobile market is one of the most dynamic in the world: a population of over 70 million with mobile penetration growing from 52% in 2005 to 100% today.

Turkcell is the largest mobile operator in Turkey, with 37 million subs. They have been very innovative in the area of mobile advertising and marketing, with their "Tone and Win" service winning this year's GSMA award for "Best Mobile Advertising Service".

In this interview, Chief Value Added Services Officer Cenk Serdar talks about the Turkish market and why Turkcell has put mobile marketing at the center of their business.

28. 04. 2009.
pg_coke.gifThis week the annual Festival of Media took place in Valencia, Spain. Several hundred key leaders from the media and advertising industry convened for 2 days of informative presentations and relaxed networking in the Spanish sun.

The global economic situation was clearly a big topic, and major brands P & G and Coca Cola talked about how they are organizing to get through this difficult time.

23. 04. 2009.
visual_inter_mainimage.gifLooking around the world today, it seems as though everything is becoming digital - music, photos, video, ads, TV, books, etc.

And it is clear that the mobile phone is playing an increasingly important role as a person's means of interacting with this digital world.

In this two-part article we will take a look at a very interesting type of interaction which is still emerging - the mobile camera. The camera can be used in many ways to engage consumers: QR codes, augmented reality, advanced image recognition, plus several others.

13. 04. 2009.
india_phones.gifLooking at the scale of the mobile market in India can be staggering: over 350 million subscribers currently, and projections show it doubling in the next 3 years. This equals something like 10 million new subscribers per month!

And for most of these subscribers, mobile will be their primary means to access the internet, meaning India will rapidly become one of the world's largest markets for mobile internet.

Read this overview of India's mobile internet and mobile advertising market.

25. 03. 2009.
kf_lai_head.gifSocial Networks are rapidly becoming one of the major destinations for mobile and online internet browsing, and a big question today is will the social networks be able to monetize their traffic.

BuzzCity is an interesting combination: it runs one of the largest social networks (mygamma), but it also has a very large mobile ad network for revenue generation.

KF Lai is the founder and CEO of BuzzCity. In this interview, he gives some insight into the synergies he has found from running both a social network and an ad network.

18. 03. 2009.
interviews_6.gif During MWC in Barcelona, we met with a lot of knowledgeable people from across the mobile marketing value chain. Although everyone was clearly uneasy about the impact of the current global economy, we found a strong, underlying optimism about mobile advertising and marketing.

In order to give you better insight into their thinking, we made a series of short, one minute interviews with some of these experts: publishers, agencies, developers, technology companies, venture capitalists.

We've also put together a quick round up of some of the top trends we saw at the show.

05. 03. 2009.
ogilvy_wall.gifInteractive furniture? Mobile phone dart games? 3D Television ads? Interactive floor projectors? The Ogilvy Digital Innovation Lab in London has them all.

If you are interested in exploring some of the ways that brands will communicate and engage their customers in the future, this is a good place to start. We had the chance recently to visit the Ogilvy Digital Innovation Lab in London to see some of this future.

19. 01. 2009.
apps_grid.gifOver the past several months, a new phenomenon has been sweeping the world of mobile advertising and marketing. In addition to traditional banners, text links, and videos, Mobile Applications have won a major place in the hearts of brands and agencies alike.

In this article we’ll take a look at what is a "mobile app", why they are so popular for advertising and marketing, what has caused their sudden popularity, plus we'll look at several interesting examples from leading brands.

06. 01. 2009.
pascal_network.gifA thoughtful piece by Colin Gibbs over at RCR Wireless News discusses the expected future evolution of mobile social networks compared to internet social networks. Expect the mobile versions to grow in popularity and usage, but a question remains about their financial viability!

05. 01. 2009.
shaun_200×175.gifBlyk launched their youth-oriented, ad-funded MVNO into the UK market just over a year ago with much fanfare. Since then it has generated a lot of discussion in the industry about the viability and potential success of the "Blyk Model".

As a year has now passed, we took the opportunity to talk with Shaun Gregory, CEO of Blyk UK, to hear about their first year of operation, what they've learned, and to get some insight into the new products that Blyk is working on.

08. 12. 2008.
comverse_guy.gifThe more than 6.7 billion individuals living in approximately 200 countries on six continents around the globe constitute a vast human mosaic. The differences between people are enormous: different countries, races, climates, religions, ages, genders, languages, economic and education levels, different tastes and interests.

And yet despite these differences, the fact is that people everywhere use mobile phones. In this opinion piece, Guy Yaniv, VP and General Manager of Comverse MobileAd, discusses how mobile advertising can overcome the challenges of cultural diversity.

19. 11. 2008.
ray_anderson1.gifFor most companies, the centerpiece of their mobile advertising strategy will be a mobile internet site. And before brands will invest the kind of money that is being spent on online, it's clear that good systems will need to be in place to measure the effectiveness of these mobile investments.

Mobile Analytics is the art and science of understanding as much as possible about the visitors to a mobile site. Analytics is very well developed for online sites, but has been slower to develop for the mobile internet.

In this interview, we talk with Ray Anderson, founder and CEO of Bango. He talks about the current state of mobile analytics, what factors have held it back, and how earlier work in setting up a mobile payments system is now enabling Bango to address the mobile analytics issue.

11. 11. 2008.
alex_180×180.gifIn 2001 Alexandre Mars created Phonevalley to provide advertisers with engaging mobile marketing solutions. In 2007, he sold Phonevalley to Publicis, one of the world's largest advertising groups.

Publicis has historically been very aggressive in the digital space (18% of Publicis Group revenues are from digital compared to the average 7% for holding agencies), and they are now moving seriously into mobile.

In this interview, Alexandre talks about current trends he sees in mobile advertising, his favorite mobile campaign, and what developments he sees coming in the near future.

17. 10. 2008.
stl_telco2_logo.gifAd-funded services seem to be a rapidly growing part of the mobile advertising landscape. The Telco 2.0 Initiative, a leading telecoms consultancy, offers some interesting insights into what lessons the industry can learn from observing Blyk, the ad-funded MVNO.

14. 10. 2008.
tomi_cover.gifTomi T Ahonen is a Hong Kong based author and consultant who worked previously for Nokia and mobile operator Elisa in Finland. He is a prolific writer, and his sixth book is entitled Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media.

In this opinion piece, Tomi talks about the 7 key benefits of mobile, the need for "engagement marketing", and some of the advanced trends that he sees coming out of the Asian countries.

01. 10. 2008.
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bmw2_carlogo.gifBMW is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, and is very actively engaged with mobile marketing. In the first part of this article, we interviewed Marc Mielau, Innovation Manager for Mobile Marketing at BMW. He explained the workings of BMW’s Marketing Innovation Department, and talked about the Mobile Marketing Circle which coordinates across departments.

In this second part of the interview, Marc shows us some of the mobile marketing campaigns that BMW has run recently, and takes a look at where he sees the future going.

16. 09. 2008.
bmw_car1.gifBMW is one of the world's most recognizable brands. As part of their on-going effort to build stronger connections with consumers, BMW has established a Marketing Innovation Department, which, among other things, has responsibility for developing mobile advertising and marketing.

Marc Mielau is the Innovation Manager for Mobile Marketing at BMW. In this two-part interview Marc explains how a major brand like BMW with a large complex organization can effectively address new opportunities such as mobile advertising and marketing, and he shares several of the very interesting campaigns that BMW has run.

08. 09. 2008.
scott200×190.gifGetting something for free is always attractive for consumers, and it is the driver behind many of the ad-funded models we're seeing these days.

One of the first mobile companies to give away free services in return for watching ads was Virgin Mobile US, with their SugarMama program. The youthful demographic of Virgin Mobile was the perfect group to offer free airtime in return for their subscribers' attention.

We had a chance for an in-depth discussion with Scott Kelliher, Director of Mobile Advertising at Virgin Mobile US. Scott explained the details of the service, what works the best, and how customers feel about it.

06. 08. 2008.
antti_o.gifAntti Ohrling, co-founder of Blyk, wrote a thoughtful piece in his blog this week about the state of the youth market and how best to reach it. He was participating in the YPulse Mashup 2008 in San Francisco, organized by YPulse, a media platform and blog for youth media and marketing professionals.

23. 07. 2008.
msearchgroove.gifWith much of the mobile content action moving off-portal, the pressure is on publishers, now in command of their mobile content destinies, to take charge and proactively promote their mobile content and sites through paid mobile search, or top-notch placement in organic search results – or both. Must publishers choose between Google and Yahoo, or are there other alternatives?

By Peggy Anne Salz, founder, MSearchGroove.

15. 07. 2008.
mcn_bookman_150×220.gifOne company that we've always liked to follow is Mobile Content Networks (MCN), who have a completely different approach to search from all the others.

In this interview, we speak with Marc Bookman, CEO of MCN, about their "Federated" approach to search, innovations in search advertising, and the differences he sees in markets around the world.

15. 07. 2008.
searchphone.gifIf you're interested in mobile search advertising but don't know exactly where to begin, here is a series of articles that will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know.

15. 07. 2008.
rory_200×250.gifI had the pleasure of talking with Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland in his London office the other day. Rory is the Executive Creative Director and Vice-Chairman, OgilvyOne London as well as the Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK.

Talking with Rory is always as entertaining as it is enlightening - if you get a chance to see him at a conference, don't miss it. In this interview, we talk about branded utility, location, and why the channel may in fact be more important than the product itself.

01. 07. 2008.
eran_mobixell.gifAs businesses begin to recognize the potential of mobile advertising, the need for specific guidelines in this area is becoming starkly apparent: standards are needed to gain the confidence of advertisers and ad agencies and to establish the mobile handset as a viable alternative media channel.

Eran Hertzmann, AVP for Mobile Advertising at Mobixell, has been a key contributor to the ad standards within the OMA and MMA working groups. Eran explains who is working on standards, what is the current status, and shares his views on why they are essential for market growth.

30. 05. 2008.
curwen170×200.gif"If we want to accelerate the growth of mobile advertising into a multi-billion dollar industry, we need to recognise that the advertising itself must take a back seat."
Thomas Curwen, Director of Planning at Publicis, explains his view of what the industry must do to make mobile advertising grow.

22. 05. 2008.
At the Mobile Entertainment Market (MEM) in Cannes recently, Jim Cook from MobiAD News had the chance to lead a discussion on how brands and publishers currently view the mobile advertising opportunity. Here's what they had to say.

22. 05. 2008.
jeff_225×300.gifCBS Corporation is one of the world's largest media companies, incorporating such well known media brands as CBS TV Network, CW, Showtime, Simon & Schuster and CBS Radio. CBS Mobile, a division of CBS Interactive Inc., is one of the world's largest mobile media companies.

Jeff Sellinger recently took over the role of EVP-GM of CBS Mobile, and he was kind enough to spend some time with MobiAD News to provide an in-depth look at CBS Mobile and how they are approaching mobile advertising.

07. 05. 2008.
pascal220×240.gifAn interview with Pascal Thomas, mobile visionary and VP of Orange NExT (the mobile media division of France Telecom Orange)
France-Telecom Orange is one of the world’s leading tier-one mobile operators, and also one of the first true “multiplay” companies – offering not only mobile service, but also fixed line telephone, internet, and television (IPTV) to their customers.
Understanding the customer benefits of a “multiplay” offer and the evolving impact of social networks on advertising and revenue generation is one of the roles of Pascal Thomas. Pascal is one of the leading innovators in the European telecom industry, and was the lead initiator of Orange’s pioneering mobile television services. He now heads up Orange’s NExT group, which is responsible for “audience and advertising” as well as all things Web 2.0.

07. 04. 2008.
joubert.gifThe mobile market in South Africa is a challenging environment for mobile advertising, but also ripe with opportunity. Vodacom, the largest operator in South Africa, has very quickly established a very successful mobile advertising business. Read this in-depth discussion with Rick Joubert, head of mobile advertising & social media at Vodacom, and download a presentation from him "5 Principles for Mobile Operators, Some advice from an early mover".

17. 03. 2008.
Interview with Derek Handley
Co-founder & CEO, The Hyperfactory

derek_h150×190.gifFounded in 2000 in New Zealand, the Hyperfactory has become one of the world's leading mobile-focused agencies. In the past year, the Hyperfactory has won a Clio, awards at the MMA, the Asia Pacific Digital Media Awards, Best in Show at the OMMAs, and was part of 5 campaigns that won at Cannes Lions.
At the Informa Mobile Advertising Conference in San Francisco, we had a chance to talk with Derek Handley, co-founder and CEO of The Hyperfactory about his view of mobile advertising.

20. 02. 2008.
Interview with Henry Stevens
Director Entertainment & Media,
GSM Association

henry_200×253.gifHenry Stevens is responsible for mobile advertising within the GSM Association. MobiAD News had a chance for an in-depth interview with Henry about the background and details of this new initiative.

11. 02. 2008.
Today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the GSM Association and five of the world's leading mobile operator groups made a major announcement that will have a long reaching impact on the future of mobile advertising.

The GSMA announced that five of its members: Vodafone Group, Telefonica O2 Europe, T-Mobile International, FT-Orange Group and 3 (Hutchison Whampoa) have formed a working group to define common metrics and measurement processes for mobile advertising as part of the GSMA’s Mobile Advertising Programme.

11. 02. 2008.
The subject of measurement for mobile advertising has been a hot topic, and everyone has a view. We gathered the opinions of several key players in the mobile advertising industry - media planners, ad agencies, mobile operators, and ad technology companies. Hear what they have to say.

10. 02. 2008.
Interview with Maria Mandel
Executive Director Digital Innovation,
Senior Partner, Ogilvy

maria_150×210.gif Ogilvy is one of the world's leading advertising agencies, running successful campaigns for leading brands around the world. At the Informa Mobile Advertising conference we had a chance to interview Maria Mandel about how Ogilvy is bringing mobile marketing to these clients, what the clients are saying, and what she sees are the key opportunities in this emerging area.

04. 02. 2008.
Interview with Mark Slade
Managing Director, 4th Screen Advertising

mark slade

4th Screen Advertising is a leading mobile agency in the UK, responsible for many successful mobile campaigns. In this interview, we talk with Mark Slade, MD of 4th Screen, about the ways his company has learned to make mobile campaigns more effective.

10. 01. 2008.
Interview with Paul Goode
Vice President, M:Metrics

paul-125w.gif"Measurement" and "Metrics" are topics that agencies and advertisers discuss frequently, and are often cited as key requirements for the growth of mobile advertising. M:Metrics is a company that is completely focused on this area. In this interview, we speak to Paul Goode, VP of New Products to understand what these services are, what information is available, and what are some of the key trends he sees.

11. 12. 2007.
mo7jose2.gifmo7scott2.gifMobile is frequently cited as a great tool for creating customer engagement. Here are some key tips to make sure your mobile campaigns are truly engaging.
By Scott Forrest and Jose Lozano
Managing Partners
Mo7 Mobile Interactive Marketing

24. 11. 2007.

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