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Reaching Today’s Totally Wired Generation

antti_o.gifAntti Ohrling, co-founder of Blyk, wrote a thoughtful piece in his blog this week about the state of the youth market and how best to reach it. He was participating in the YPulse Mashup 2008 in San Francisco, organized by YPulse, a media platform and blog for youth media and marketing professionals.

Some of his key points:

  • Young people have become more difficult to reach due to rapidly changing, savvy media habits.
  • Marketers have a lack of understanding when it comes to young people.
  • Europe is ahead of the curve in youth related issues and many trends are created overseas.

His conclusion: “Relevancy and engagement matter to the youth audience and mobile is the perfect media for relevant and interactive communication”.

Read Antti’s post here.

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