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Mobile Rules of Engagement

mo7jose2.gifmo7scott2.gifMobile is frequently cited as a great tool for creating customer engagement. Here are some key tips to make sure your mobile campaigns are truly engaging.

By Scott Forrest and Jose Lozano
Managing Partners
Mo7 Mobile Interactive Marketing

Mobile Rules of Engagement

At the moment, it’s hip to apply the term “engaging” to mobile marketing as if all you need to do is add mobile and you will magically engage consumers. Sorry. It’s not quite that simple.

Mobile certainly does tilt the engagement scale in your favor (you are, after all, leveraging the most personal communications device that people use). But you still have to work to make engagement happen with consumers. The good news is that you can do that by building on the unique attributes of mobile.

Here are a few elements that we use every day to capitalize on the natural capabilities of mobile to create successful opt-in campaigns. We call them our “Mobile Rules of Engagement.”

Mobile Rule #1: Immediacy. A key element of mobile is access from anywhere at anytime. So your mobile campaign must leverage the value of immediacy: not only in access but also in gratification for the user.

Mobile absolutely must have an element of instant gratification because mobile is marketing, but on 5 cups of espresso. The whole process is speeded up and compressed into just a few moments. So the potential payoff is enhanced. But so is the expectation from the user.

That’s why we counsel clients to keep campaigns simple and direct. Make a clear offer, provide a simple method to obtain it, and deliver on it immediately. Keeping it simple makes it easy to present value to the user with every action they take.

Mobile Rule #2: Gratification. The key to mobile, like any marketing, is gauging the level of reward necessary to motivate the consumer to do what you’re asking. If you’re asking for someone to merely text in, the reward can be relatively small. But if you’re asking them to click through to a .mobi site and enter their personal information, you better make it worth their while.

Fortunately, mobile lends itself very well to this process. A strategy that we employ quite effectively is something we call “escalating incentives.” Basically, you start with a small, but relevant, incentive to get consumers to respond. Then you gradually up the ante with larger incentives as you move them to your final goal, which is usually opting-in by giving their personal data.

It works because the user feels rewarded at every turn, so they’re encouraged to move forward with you. They also feel secure. You’ve proven yourself. Now they’re comfortable taking the next step.

Mobile Rule #3: Convenience. We are, after all, marketing to people on the go. So keep it simple. In fact, our company’s slogan is: “Mobile marketing made simple.” Long ago, we recognized that CMOs and marketing directors didn’t have time to adequately deal with all of the intricacies of mobile. They barely had time to manage their mainstream marketing channels. They’re so busy that we needed to make it turnkey.

Mobile consumers are just as busy, so simplify. For instance, we tell clients to provide easy to take action-steps in every communication. And include a WAP link that is barebones, so it downloads quickly to the consumer’s cell phone. We use drop-down menus whenever possible, to reduce the need for typing. And we try to surround the end-user with multiple response channels that are all just a click away and simple to navigate.

Mobile has tremendous power to engage. Think through your mobile campaign from the perspective of the consumer and apply these “Mobile Rules of Engagement.” You’re bound to increase engagement and results.

Mo7 Mobile Interactive Marketing is a mobile marketing agency that specializes in helping clients apply the mobile and digital technology within the framework of their existing marketing strategies. Mo7 uses proprietary mobile marketing techniques to create custom plans for our clients to generate immediate return with long-term results. Mo7 clients include Brinker International, US Army and Toyota Scion.


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