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Measuring Mobile Advertising:
What the Industry Is Saying

The subject of measurement for mobile advertising has been a hot topic, and everyone has a view. We gathered the opinions of several key players in the mobile advertising industry – media planners, ad agencies, mobile operators, and ad technology companies. Hear what they have to say.

ogilvy.gifRichard Wheaton
MD of Neo@Ogilvy
“We need planning data that allows us to chart the usage of the different mobile sites against our target consumers, whether by demographic or behaviour. Without these sorts of objective measures, mobile will remain in a support medium. Many marketing directors feel in their gut that mobile is a great medium for their brands, but as an industry the mobile sector is still making it difficult for them to rationalise this decision.”

aerodeon_small.gifKieran Bourke
Co-founder and director of Aerodeon,
Chair of the IPA Mobile Marketing Working Group
“An encouraging indicator that major advertisers are taking mobile advertising seriously, is the increasing request from the boardroom for rigorous evidence of its effectiveness, both as an advertising media and as a return of marketing investment (ROMI). Operators have a key part to play in delivering the answer and the GSMA has to be applauded for its proactive role in driving dialogue between the operators, agencies and advertisers and delivering a solution that can be readily adopted by all parties.”

mindshare.gifClaire Valoti
Interaction Director, MindShare Interaction
“At the moment there is no unified form of measurement in mobile. We have to rely on different suppliers of of information – whether it be operators or publishers – and they all use different methodologies to track campaigns. This makes it difficult for media planners to understand the value of each supplier, because the reported results don’t mean the same thing. The result is that it is more challenging to sell mobile advertising to clients.”

o2_logo65w.gifTanya Field
Group Head of Mobile Internet at Telefónica O2.
“In today’s rapidly evolving mobile environment it is critical that we offer the consumer the widest possible range of opportunities to support data consumption. Mobile advertising is a key component for driving mobile usage, but in order to be effective it needs to be widely supported by the advertising industry. This initiative will seek to drive this exciting and potentially massive market opportunity by matching the aspirations of both the advertisers and the operators,”

amobee65w.gifPatrick Parodi
CMO and GM EMEA of Amobee Media Systems
“The mobile operators are critical to fulfilling the mobile advertising potential. They are the best placed to offer ad-funded services and are key to achieving meaningful scale. Today’s GSMA announcement demonstrates that the operators have finally decided to play a key role in turning mobile into the next major media.”

t_mobile_logo65w.gifPhil Chapman
Director of Marketing, T-Mobile UK.
“The power of the mobile as a marketing tool can only be realised if advertisers can clearly see and understand the benefits compared to traditional media.”

orange-logo65w.gifSteve Ricketts
Head of Third Party Services
Orange UK
“We are excited by this industry-wide initiative to support advertisers and agencies in buying mobile advertising. Our research and launches have proved that not only do customers accept advertising on the mobile phone, but actually enjoy viewing it. It is essential that the industry works together to ensure mobile adverts work for both customers and advertisers.”

3uk65w.gifNeil Andrews
Head of Portal Advertising at 3
“The more we can do as an industry to increase the credibility of mobile advertising the better. This initiative represents a great opportunity to reach out to the media buying world in order to secure more mobile budget from big brand spenders.”

mef_65w.gifRimma Peremulter
Executive Director, Mobile Entertainment Forum
“MEF applauds this move to develop common measurement standards for mobile advertising. The other vital piece is to build an audience through the provision of an attractive inventory of ad-ready content. In a members only report published today, MEF estimates that ad-funded mobile entertainment will generate revenue of £5.8 million in 2008 and £145 million by 2012 in the UK.”

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