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5 key factors for choosing a good mobile ad network

ad-networkToday there are now many, many mobile ad networks that can bring value to a publisher’s ad inventory. Choosing a good mobile ad network can be an important decision, not only for the revenue that can be generated, but also for the ease of integration and the resources that will be required to implement it.

Here are 5 key factors that you should consider carefully when deciding which mobile ad network to use.

Writing in Developer Economics, author George Makkoulis provides a good overview of the key dimensions that publishers and game developers should evaluate before implementing a mobile ad network.

He identifies the following as the top 5 factors to consider:

  • Fill rate: Clearly one of the most important variables, but it is key to look in more detail such as fill capability by geographical area.
  • eCPM: Another key indicator, but there can be a variety of factors that effect how your eCPM will compare to the typical rates.
  • User experience: Every app developer has to keep this at the top of their mind, and the kind of mobile ads that are supported can have a big impact.
  • Technology: The different technical capabilities of each ad network will strongly influence how easy it is to integrate and manage the entire advertising process.
  • Payment options: At the end of the day, the purpose of advertising is to generate revenue, so the payment options offered by the ad network are important. (there is a link to a short study of the most commonly offered payment options and payment terms).

For the full article, visit Developer Economics.
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