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Mobile Coupons showing great results for advertisers

coupon_woman.jpgA recent study published by BI Intelligence has showed that advertisers are getting fantastic results from Mobile Coupon Campaigns.

The study predicts that that the number of US mobile coupons users will increase to 47 million next year, compared with just over 7 million just 3 years ago in 2010.

A major driver for this growth is the high return for advertisers, with redemption rates for mobile coupons of 10% compared to around 1% for paper versions.

mobile-coupons-quote.gifFurthermore, mobile coupons also help increase foot traffic into physical stores in a similar fashion to the print version, and at the same time they are help e-retailers acquire customers and drive online sales.

Finally, another one of the major advantages of a mobile coupon is the added data that advertisers can gather from their campaign. Whereas with print campaigns advertisers can gather information relative to that specific campaign, with Mobile campaigns, advertisers can tie this in to an individual and his shopping habits. In other words, it can close the mobile-retail loop.


Another factor driving the overall growth of mobile coupons is that they have proved popular in many different type of retail stores, including grocery, clothing, electronics, etc.


In spite the rapid growth that mobile coupons have already experienced, the potential for future growth remains high.

Currently only around 1% of the 350 billion annual consumer goods coupons digital, with about 90% of the consumer coupons being distributed as free standing inserts into print publications. As the popularity of print media continues to decrease, digital channels such as mobile will take up the slack.

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