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Women still prefer physical shopping,
but mobile has its place

woman_shopping.jpgMobile shopping for women, it seems, still involves visits to real stores.

A study by ResearchNow found that the majority of women shopping for clothes (90%) still prefer physically shopping for the purpose of trying on clothes and seeing them in person. This is despite the fact that 84% say they can’t stand the crowds associated with shopping!

However, while physical shopping is preferred, this isn’t to say mobile interaction is avoided at all costs. In fact, the two can go hand in hand – for example, mobile can be used to check real-time inventories and automating interactions.

The latter is particularly useful for 45% of women surveyed who said they don’t like interacting with sales people.

women_shopping_quote1.gifIn fact, this wasn’t the only area that suggested sales people were unpopular amongst customers and confirmed the importance of mobile interaction – while only one third of women said they’d want to be reminded of offers by sales staff, a much larger 58% said they would be ‘thrilled’ to receive the same promotional information on a mobile device in-store.

There’s also scope for location-based applications. While 17% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t share their location under any circumstances, 20% said they’d be happy to for $1 in-store credit, rising to a whopping 83% who would for $15 credit.

What this means from a marketing point of view is that a combined mobile/physical interaction is more important for customers than ever – finding the perfect balance between the benefits of in-store shopping and the comfort and ease of mobile promotions may prove invaluable in the near-future.
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