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Mall shoppers are key target for new film “Divergent”

divergent.jpgAmerican Film distributor, Lionsgate, has announced that as part of their marketing efforts for upcoming film Divergent they will run an advanced mobile campaign to target customers in shopping malls.

Lionsgate has frequently been a leading proponent of using mobile to market their films.

The campaign will be launched using a platform from Mobiquity. This is the fourth time that Lionsgate uses Mobiquity’s network after previous successful promotion of films.

Mobiquity’s network is composed of various Bluetooth and Wi-fi hotspots placed in common and high traffic areas of shopping malls that push rich digital content to consumers phones on an opt in basis.

“Outside studies have shown that mall shoppers may be up to five times more likely to go to the movies than the average person and that someone who views a trailer may be up to three times more likely to see that movie”, said Michael Trepeta, co-CEO of Mobiquity.

lionsgate.pngThe campaign will provide content including a special, made-for-mobile trailer. Research has shown that 44 percent of consumers trust trailers “a lot” when deciding whether to see a movie. In fact, consumers trust trailers more than recommendations from friends and family, TV ads or Critics Reviews.

There is also a calendar that the consumer can set so that it will remind them to buy tickets for Divergent on the day it is released.

Sean Trepeta, president of Mobiquity Networks said “Reaching consumers while they’re actively shopping and receptive to actionable content, combined with the influence of the movie trailer that is delivered directly to their mobile device, as well as the follow-up reminder on opening day is a powerful combination that will drive ticket sales.”

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