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Mobile Optimization Is Top Priority For Marketers In 2013

medium_70290992897.pngMobile optimization is the most exciting digital opportunity for marketers in 2013, according to new research by Econsultancy.

For several years the mobile industry has been pushing brands to accept the necessity to present a great presence over the mobile channel. But only now this seems to have become accepted by marketers, as 43% agreed that mobile optimization was this year’s top priority.

For the survey, each respondent was allowed to select three topics of interest. After mobile optimization at 43%, the next highest scoring areas were social media engagement and targeting/personalization, which each received 35% of the vote. This was a huge year-on-year drop for social media, which stormed through the research last year with 54%.


The report said: “To move forward in mobile optimization means coming to grips with the reality that every experience we offer through digital channels – every web page, shopping cart and piece of rich content – must work well on any device in any location.”

mobile_optimization_quote1.gifThe report continued: “The customer understands that concessions need to be made for the smaller screen, touchscreen input and slower speed, but they won’t accept unnecessary hassle or delay. Apps are a part of today’s approach to mobile, but they are not a broad answer to this challenge, as use of the mobile web increases daily.”

The importance of mobile optimization became clear over Christmas, when statistics showed that 24% of UK shoppers and 28% of those in the US did their Christmas shopping on a smartphone or tablet.

The study also found that almost a quarter of UK shoppers had engaged in ‘showrooming’, a term describing the use of a mobile device while in a shop to research prices of products at rival stores. Depending on how marketers utilise this new trend, it could be either a blessing or a curse.

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