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Now, App Publishers can finally understand who is using their app!

AppAnnieMagnifyingThere are many reasons why a mobile app publisher may want to understand deeply the profile of their user base: to plan acquisition ads, to steer development efforts, or to help sell advertising to brands.

Based on close to 80 billion app downloads, mobile analytics company App Annie has released a new tool that helps publishers to gain these key insights.

While a number of companies assist publishers in understanding their users, the Audience Intelligence tool from App Annie makes it very easy to not only understand your own user base, but to also compare it with users of other mobile apps.

User base demographics

For example, below you can see the demographic breakdown for an iOS app called “Deal or No Deal”. You can see that the audience is almost 2:1 female:male, but it appeals to a fairly wide range of income levels.

[click for larger image]

Audience Intelligence also can provide demographic breakdown along other lines, such as country, time, and app store.

Common apps

Another feature of the Audience Intelligence tool is the “Related Apps” section. This lets a publisher understand what other apps are shared in common among their users.

Below is the Related Apps information for an app called “Yo”. We can see that Yo users also use other social networking apps such as Path Talk, Mirage, and Yik Yak.

[click for larger image]

This sort of information allows a publisher more insight into the interests and mobile app usage behavior of their base.

The key is data

Behind all this insight is data – a huge amount of data.

Bertrand Schmitt, CEO of App Annie, explains: “As individuals download apps, leave reviews, and comment on social media, they are generating billions of footprints showing preferences and activity. App Annie has spent the last few years building big data technologies that aggregate, anonymize and analyze these footprints at a massive scale in order to construct a clear demographic profile of a mobile app’s user base.”

The company’s tools are already in use with publishers of over 600,000 apps, the company says. This includes apps from 90 percent of the top 100 companies. In total, the company has tracked the downloads of more than 79 billion apps!

Having access to this amount of data also allows the company to make some interesting generalized conclusions about the app market. Recently they shared several such insights:

  • iOS Travel Apps – two thirds of the downloads are by men
  • On-demand transit Apps (e.g. Lyft, Uber) – these are even more strongly skewed towards men
  • Weather Apps – tend to be for older audiences, with half the downloads from people 35 and older
  • Photo and video Apps (e.g. Instagram and Snapchat) – are most heavily driven by women
  • Sports Apps – not surprisingly these are heavily skewed toward men, representing over three-fourths of all downloads.

For more infomation about Audience Intelligence, check out the App Annie website.
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