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Mobile Gaming: A Growing Opportunity For Marketers

gaming-opportunity.jpgSeveral recent studies have confirmed that gaming continues to dominate as one of the most popular activities on mobile, and therefore represents a clear opportunity for marketers.

According to one, nearly 70% of tablet owners currently use their device to play games which many buy it here, it predicted that over 50% of the US population will actively play games on their mobile device by 2015. (US data, source: eMarketer)

This trend is underlined by figures from Flurry which show that US consumers spend an average of 2 hours 7 minutes interacting with their mobile device each day, and 32% of that is spent on mobile games (i.e. 41 minutes per day). This represents significantly longer than they spend in other categories such as social networking, news or entertainment apps.

Even more evidence comes from YouGov. They recently looked at why consumers play mobile games, and found that the main reasons are:

• to relieve stress,
• to fill time while travelling and
• to interact with family and friends.

In addition the portability of mobile games means that users can play at home, at work, on vacation and virtually everywhere that their daily life takes them.

Because of this high level of engagement, many marketers are realizing that it is important to integrate gaming in their mobile strategies. A recent article published by Media Brix Co-Founder Ari Brandt in Adotas, suggest 5 key things that marketers need to consider when considering their mobile gaming strategies:

  • Evolving beyond web-based ad units:
    Marketers need to think beyond the current web ad units such as interstitials, banners and pre-roll video ads and look towards ad units that offer player rewards, value exchange video advertising, rich media creative, branded content and more. These ad units appear in a high quality environment in front of truly engaged users.


  • Tapping into players emotions:
    Mobile gamers feel a variety of emotions while playing from elation to frustration depending on successful completion of their mission or not. Marketers need to understand how to complement these emotions in order to maximise the ROI.
  • Appearing in the right place at the right time:
    Emotional targeting creates breakthrough moments, which occur when a players gets a new high score, reaches a new level which are moments that marketer can utilise to associate themselves with the positive emotion that the user is feeling at that moment.
  • Position the brand as the hero:
    Marketers can position their brand as the hero by offering rewards or helps when a player get’s in difficulty. This allows the brand to appear as the hero in the users eyes while not disturbing his enjoyment of game.
  • Brand specific metrics and performance:
    Mobile metrics can deliver data such as brand lift, interaction, time spent, video completion and engagement rates that allow marketers to judge the effectiveness of their campaigns as well as add value to the users mobile game.


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