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Mobile payments at Starbucks averaging more than three million each week

starbucks-iphone2.gifStarbucks is the latest corporation to report big successes in its mobile payment transactions, averaging over three million a week in the United States.

The coffee giant is hoping to attract further use of the system over the coming months, with a number of promotions – most notably, a rewards system that’ll earn customers points for each transaction made via mobile.

The system, which is also growing in the UK, requires the customer to have an app downloaded onto their iPhone or Android device. Their phone then displays a barcode when they make a purchase at any Starbucks, which is scanned – the balance is taken from their account instantly, instead of the more time consuming options of cash or card.

Founder and CEO Howard Schulz said: “From leveraging and expanding our strong global business partnerships, to bringing innovation to our customers and each of the markets and channels in which we operate, to expanding our broad array of digital customer touch points and deepening our ethical sourcing model, Starbucks is continuing to grow with passion and intent to become one of the world’s most relevant, admired and trusted brands.”

Starbucks came under much criticism in the UK last year, with many criticising its record on paying corporation tax in the country. However, love or loathe the corporation, there’s no denying that it’s spearheading a great deal of innovative concepts in the mobile market.

This latest news comes hot on the heels of a successful mobile advertising campaign for its Verismo products, and the announcement that mobile payments in-store now account for more than 20% of total non-cash transactions.

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